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Forget the Spicy Chicken Sandwich Wars, BurgerFi Kicks-Off the Battle of the Spicy Burger

Forget the Spicy Chicken Sandwich Wars, BurgerFi Kicks-Off the Battle of the Spicy Burger

After having nationwide success with the Spicy Fi’ed Chicken Sandwich, BurgerFi has launched a new type of sandwich war and this one has to do with burgers. Starting today, the SWAG burger (Spicy Wagyu Burger) has been added to BurgerFi menus nationwide for a limited time from March 15th through May 9th.

While BurgerFi’s menu is an array of chef-inspired selections and high-quality wagyu beef, it was only natural for the premium, fast casual concept to take it to the next level with a one-of-a-kind spicy burger sensation. The SWAG burger features a double wagyu and brisket blend burger, charred jalapeños, candied ghost pepper bacon to pack the heat, sweet tomato relish to add a bit of sweet, habanero pepper jack cheese, and hot steak sauce.

“BurgerFi’s foundation is burgers and because the spicy chicken wars have been part of the cultural conversation over the past few years, we wanted to bring the heat within a category that we pride ourselves in,” says Paul Griffin, BurgerFi’s Chief Culinary Officer who has been redefining the way their guests eat burgers since its inception in 2011. “Once we had the idea of the spicy burger, it was fun to start playing with ingredients and textures. The candied ghost pepper bacon is perfect for those guests who are more adventurous. That mixed with the boldness of wagyu and creaminess and kick of habanero pepper jack cheese really rounds out the burger to make it one of the most flavorful menu items created at BurgerFi.”

From March 15, 2021 until May 9, 2021, the SWAG Burger is available in-store, online and through the BurgerFi app, as well as through third party delivery, at participating locations. For more information and to find the nearest location, visit and download the BurgerFi app.

“The SWAG burger takes our unique wagyu beef offering featured in our CEO Burger and kicks it up a notch with different textures and flavors that create a daring spiciness with each bite,” says Julio Ramirez, BurgerFi’s CEO. “Creating this spicy burger sensation is another example of how we’re RedeFining the way the world eats burgers. BurgerFi will always find ways to continue to grow, pioneer trends and create iconic offerings as part of our mission to provide the best burger experience.”

About BurgerFi 
Established in 2011, BurgerFi is among the nation’s fastest-growing better burger concepts with approximately 125 BurgerFi restaurants domestically and internationally. The concept is chef-founded and is committed to serving fresh food of transparent quality. BurgerFi uses 100% American angus beef with no steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals or additives. BurgerFi’s menu also includes high quality wagyu beef, antibiotic and cage-free chicken offerings, fresh, hand-cut sides and custard shakes and concretes. BurgerFi was named QSR Magazine’s Breakout Brand of 2020, placed in the top 10 on Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers & Shakers list in 2020.

BurgerFi® is a Registered Trademark of BurgerFi IP, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BurgerFi.

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