Four Ways Tork Helps Restaurants Overcome the Lunchtime Downtrend

Four Ways Tork® Helps Restaurants Overcome the Lunchtime Downtrend with Social Media

Four Ways Tork Helps Restaurants Overcome the Lunchtime DowntrendIn this day and age, when brands simply have to have a social presence in order to be relevant, it’s imperative for independent restaurants to regularly update their social channels in order to spread the word about their menus, promotions and events to get customers in the dining room. And with the recent decline in “lunching out” trend, independent restaurants are facing lower levels of foot traffic, and an industry-wide cut in profits, according to market research firm NPD Group, Inc. Across the nation, restaurants, especially mom and pops, are feeling the pressure to drive in store traffic by marketing themselves both online and in store to attract new lunchtime diners, and keep their regulars coming back for more. That’s where digital and social media marketing can help.

Tork has recently upgraded Xpressnap® AD-a-Glance, a product solution that allows independent restaurant owners to transform traditional napkin dispenser messages into onsite and online (social media) vehicles to promote specials in an effort to increase the number of dining visits. Xpressnap AD-a-Glance gives 21st century small restaurant owners the tools they need to achieve their social media goals, reach a broader audience, and inspire more lunches out.

Here are four ways Tork AD-a-Glance tool can help independent restaurants win back the lunchtime crowd with social media:

  • Tag and share from anywhere. With the most recent upgrade, Xpressnap AD-a-Glance users can now share their finished products via social media – cutting out the time-consuming process of making sure in store promotions and online campaigns are identical and on-brand. Through consistent and regular messaging about lunchtime deals, diners are more likely to engage with the restaurant and visit time and again.
  • Reach a wider audience. Through the action-oriented social component of the Xpressnap AD-a-Glance tool, independent restaurants can reach people both in store and online, and followers can like and share posts in order to organically spread the message about a restaurant’s lunchtime offerings, and foster additional foot traffic.
  • Boost customer attention and retention. No need to have a graphic designer on staff to create compelling and engaging ads. The Xpressnap AD-a-Glance Customizer provides professionally designed templates online to create advertisements that best fit a restaurant’s business. It also offers users the opportunity to share their finished, personalized message on social channels, allowing them to capture the attention of regular and potential lunch customers and build customer loyalty.
  • Accessible on the go. The AD-a-Glance digital tool was enhanced with the busy and demanding schedules of today’s restaurant managers in mind. It’s mobile-friendly and gives them the freedom to share promotions via social media in real-time to stimulate engagement.

Not only is Xpressnap AD-a-Glance tool designed to help restaurants amplify ads on social media, it also recommends the best advertising approaches and templates customers should select based on their business objectives. Users can create their own designs or choose from professionally designed online templates to develop personalized messages for napkin dispenser window displays, and update those messages regularly at no added cost to the user. Additionally, the Xpressnap napkin dispensing system saves small restaurants money as it’s guaranteed to reduce on napkin usage by at least 25% — cutting down on waste and refills.

With Xpressnap AD-a-Glance, customizable and personalized ads and social media posts are at your fingertips, making every seat in your restaurant the best seat in the house.