Getting to Know Attilio Borra – Chef, Food Advisor, Food & Beverage Magazine Columnist

Getting to Know Attilio Borra: Chef, Food Advisor, Columnist

Passion has led Chef Attilio Borra to commit himself with dedication and professionalism to the world of food. Born in Puglia, the “hill” of the Italian boot, he was involved with the kitchen activity thanks to his extended family and his mother since a small child. They revealed to him the aromas and flavors of Mediterranean cuisine within the walls of their home and stalls of the local fresh market. Among the scents of homemade tomato sauce, the fragrance of the fresh orecchiette, the crunchiness of nonna’s famous meatballs, and a good pasticciotto with custard and black cherry, Chef Attilio began his great journey. He was still a teenager when he left his home for the first time to move to Belgium, first to Antwerp and then to Brussels, in order to gain experience in international restaurants. At the age of 18, he then landed in the United States where he completed his college studies in Los Angeles, CA and started to work in Italian restaurants bringing his know-how but, above all, his culture, creativity and innovation in the dishes he prepared.

It was precisely Chef Attilio’s desire to innovate and study new recipes that led him to notice the changes within the food industry and, consequently, in the eating habits of the consumers. So, after 35 years in the kitchen and at the age of 50, he decided to go back to school to further his culinary studies. He graduated with specialty in gluten free baking, healthy eating, nutrition, and food preservation.

Today, he is a private Chef and a consultant for several Italian producers but, most importantly, he is an Ambassador of the Italian Cuisine and a Qualified Expert on health food, nutritional aspects and cooking techniques. He has been very active within the states being a speaker at conferences and seminars, raising awareness among the audience. It was 2 years ago that his path crossed with F&B magazine and their common ideas and initiative in the industry were apparent. Now, Chef Attilio has become a columnist for Food & Beverage Magazine. This column is a great opportunity to share his passion with all of the readers. He will explore with you the various aspects of food and what makes it such a unique and special experience— the importance of passion, origins, nutrition, tradition, and unique ingredients in creating a memorable dining experience.

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“Food is an essential part of our daily life. It is not only a source of nourishment but also a mean of expression, culture and tradition. When I cook I speak a universal language that connects people from different parts of the world. A good meal can evoke emotions, memories and experiences that last a lifetime.” – Chef Attilio Borra