Are you a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, or simply someone who is “plant-curious”? Well, you’re in luck because Better Balance, a global plant-based brand, launched into the U.S. market earlier this year. The brand opened its U.S. headquarters in the Dallas area and has quickly been launching into other food service markets in Texas – including Austin and San Antonio in addition to Dallas –  as well as in New York City and Chicago.

Global Plant-Based Brand Launches in US


Better Balance’s mission is to elevate plant-curious individuals by providing healthy proteins to fuel everyday life through plant-based alternatives that enhance flavor, nutrition and the overall food experience. No matter if you’re flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan or simply trying to eat healthier, Better Balance can offer healthy, plant-based products that taste delicious. Better Balance’s offerings are heavily pea protein-based and all products are gluten free. The current portfolio includes Grounds, which can be subbed for beef, pork and chicken, and Shreds, to use in place of chicken, pork and fish, as well as dairy-free Sour Cream and nacho-style Cheese Sauce.

Since the brand’s launch in the States, Better Balance has been met with rave reviews from vegan and non-vegan chefs. Better Balance can currently be found at select restaurants throughout Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Chicago, including TLC Vegan Cafe (Dallas), FRIDA Mexican Restaurant and Bar (San Antonio), Casa del Vegano (Dallas), House of Vegan (Dallas), Kal’ish (Chicago), L/A Mex (Chicago), Sam and Gerties (Chicago) and more. The plant-based brand also has a long-standing relationship with ReThink Food, a nonprofit organization that was founded to address hunger in the United States by contributing to a sustainable and equitable food system. 

“Plant-based meats are on a steady rise, and I find it important to adapt by offering menu options that could reach a broader audience of diners,” said Sofia Sada, Executive Chef of FRIDA Mexican Restaurant and Bar in San Antonio and Better Balance chef partner. “We want to serve customers who live a plant-based diet or someone who is simply feeling adventurous and wants to try something new. Of all the available options, I find that Better Balance is the best tasting, and allows me to create delicious dishes for all our patrons without compromising flavor and texture.”

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“The tastes, textures and colors of Better Balance’s foods is better than any other product I have used. In particular, the Shreds and Sour Cream are more versatile than anything out there,” said Chef Gardner, Executive Chef of TLC Vegan Cafe  in Dallas and Better Balance chef spokesperson. “I am excited to have worked alongside the Better Balance team to give others in the industry a chance to taste the newest and best plant-based brand on the market right now.” 

So, if you’ve been on the search for new, plant-based alternatives that are highly rated by all types of chefs, you know where to start. For all Better Balance current restaurant partners visit  their Instagram at @betterbalancefoods_us. For product and sales information, visit or email