Halloween Treats and Kids: The Scariest Part is the Sugar

As Halloween approaches, it’s easy to forget the potentially harmful effects which excessive consumption of sugar-laden foods and beverages can have on youngsters.


While most know that excess dietary sugars aren’t good for kids, it’s difficult to discourage youngsters from wanting sweet Halloween treats. Happily, SweetLeaf® provides some tasty alternatives which kids will enjoy making and eating.



For those that think a few candy bars once a year aren’t too harmful to a child’s health, here’s a shocking fact that may put trick-or-treating in perspective: The American Heart Association suggests that children age 2-18 should only consume 100 calories of sugar per day; yet, according to Fortune magazine, the average trick-or-treating kid can consume around three cups of sugar — or about 7,000 calories — on Halloween. Seven-thousand calories is the same as 13 Big Macs. Scary!


To help kids join in the fun of eating sweet treats on Halloween, while keeping sugar intake to a minimum, SweetLeaf has posted great holiday-themed recipes that kids can even help make. Many, like Spooky Cookies, and the recipes shown below, include instructional videos. While Spooky Cookies may look scary, with one gram of sugar per cookie, they’re far less frightening than other Halloween treats.


By using plant-based SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener, SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops®, SweetLeaf Better than Sugar!®, and SweetLeaf Monk Fruit sweeteners, parents and kids can make any number of low-to-no sugar cookie and candy treats like Sweet Drops Truffles, SweetLeaf Peanut Butter Cups, Black and White Brownies, or Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.


SweetLeaf can be found in some truly scrumptious snack and dessert recipes that children will love. It’s simple to substitute sugar with SweetLeaf using the handy  SweetLeaf Stevia Conversion Chart or the interactive SweetLeaf Stevia Conversion Calculator, both of which will quickly and easily convert the amount of sugar in a recipe into the correct amount of zero calorie/carb, non glycemic response, delicious SweetLeaf.


With several excessive sugar- and calorie-packed holidays coming in the next few months, there’s no time like the present to start reducing excessive sugars by incorporating SweetLeaf in all foods, beverages, and recipes.


Purchasing SweetLeaf Sweetener and SweetLeaf Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener products couldn’t be easier. SweetLeaf’s website has a handy store finder, which lists retailers selling SweetLeaf. Additionally, SweetLeaf makes it easy to shop online from the company’s website, SweetLeaf.com.