Heartland Cocktails from TILL American Wheat Vodka

Heartland Cocktails from TILL American Wheat VodkaAmerican-made vodkas continue to build market share, driven by high quality and trade recognition. Like other craft movements, domestic vodka has gained widespread momentum by emphasizing unique American characteristics such as local grains, water sources and regional cocktail traditions. Crafted by the expert team at MGP Ingredients, a leading distiller based in Atchison, Kansas, TILL American Wheat Vodka is created from the finest quality Kansas wheat, sourced from the best farms in the region. TILL has doubled distribution in the past year, including this month’s expansion to Texas. We’re pleased to share three of our most popular heartland cocktails to inspire you this Valentine’s Day and beyond. Click here for recipes.

About TILL American Wheat Vodka

TILL American Wheat Vodka is crafted by the expert distillery team at MGP Ingredients, based in Atchison, Kansas. Created from premium Kansas wheat sourced from the best farms in the region, TILL Vodka is distilled using a proprietary process perfected over 75 years. The result: a uniquely smooth, full-bodied premium vodka with a velvety mouthfeel that showcases the best of Midwest craftsmanship. The suggested retail price of TILL Vodka is $18.99 for a 750-ml bottle. Connect with us: TILLVodka.com, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@tillvodka).Till Distilling Company, Atchison, Kansas. 40% ALC/VOL. Be Proud of your Legacy. Enjoy Responsible.