High Brew Announces Nationwide Bus Tour

Custom High Brew Liner Embarks on Maiden Voyage During High Road Tour

High Brew Cold Brew, the ready-to-drink coffee brand, is touring the country in a refurbished, custom 1952 GMC Coach bus, fueling the masses with every pitstop

High Brew Announces Nationwide Bus TourHigh Brew Cold Brew Coffee is hitting the road this summer on their #HighRoadTour to prove #BusLife is far more enticing than #VanLife. The ready-to-drink cold-brew coffee is taking its fetching, newly refurbished 1952 GMC Coach bus, aptly named the #HighBrewLiner, for a spin around the U.S. to fuel guests with their perky liquid goodness at pit stops in 31 cities nationwide.

High Brew tapped experiential marketing firm, OutCold, to turn their vision into reality. The retrofitted red and silver bus will be delivering delicious, refreshing cold-brew to those who are making the most of their summer and headed to where the action is, such as the Mountain Games in Vail or Lockn Fest.High Brew Announces Nationwide Bus Tour

“You can bet we are going to consume a busload of cold-brew during this aggressive five-month tour, but we are walking the walk because High Brew is truly for those who do. We’ve been working hard on the bus restoration for months but there was no other way we’d want to take a road trip unless it was in true High Brew style,” says Fritz Heffinger, CEO of OutCold. “We can’t be more excited to meet both old and new High Brew fans during this adventure of a lifetime.”

In addition to hitting summer hot spots, there may be additional ways to get in on the cold-brew action when the bus rolls in to town by following High Brew on Twitter at @highbrewcoffee. The cities and dates are as follows:


June 6-11, 2017                               Denver/Vail, CO

June 16, 2017                                   Phoenix, AZ

June 18, 21, 2017                            San Diego, CA

June 22-25, 2017                             Los Angeles, CA

June 29-July 2, 2017                       San Francisco, CA

July 7-8, 2017                                   Portland, OR

July 12-13, 2017                                Seattle, WA

July 26, 2017                                     Des Moines, IA

July 28-29, 2017                              Detroit, MI

Aug 2-5, 2017                                   Chicago, IL

Aug 10-13, 2017                              Boston, MA

Aug 16-20, 2017                              New York/Hamptons, NY

Aug 23-27, 2017                              Lockn festival, VA

Aug 30-Sep 1, 2017                         Philadelphia, PA

Sep 2, 2017                                       Baltimore, MD

Sep 3, 2017                                       Washington, DC

Sep 7-8, 2017                                   Charlotte, NC

Sep 10, 13, 2017                              Orlando, FL

Sep 14-15, 2017                               Tampa, FL

Sep 17, 20, 2017                              Atlanta, GA

Sep 21-23, 2017                               Nashville, TN

Sep 24, 2-017                                   Cincinnati, OH

Sep 28-29, 2017                               Columbus, OH

Sep 30-Oct 1, 2017                          Indianapolis, IN

Oct 5, 2017                                       Bentonville, AR

Oct 7-8, 11, 2017                             Dallas, TX

Oct 12-15, 2017                               Austin, TX

Oct 18-20, 2017                               San Antonio, TX

Oct 21-22, 25, 2017                        Houston, TX

Oct 27-29, 2017                               New Orleans, LA

*Dates are subject to change

High Brew Announces Nationwide Bus TourHigh Brew’s cold brew coffees are made from 100 percent Arabica beans that are never exposed to heat, meaning the brewing process isn’t in a hurry even with all the summer fun going on. The cold brewing method results in coffee has less acidity and offers two times the caffeine as a regular cup of coffee. Conveniently packaged in slim eight ounce cans, High Brew is perfect #forthosewhodo in summer and beyond. Flavors include Black and Bold, Double Espresso, Mexican Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate Mocha and Creamy Cappuccino plus Protein.

About High Brew Coffee®
After working tirelessly for 13 years to turn his tiny tea company into a household name, David Smith, co-founder of Sweet Leaf Tea, embarked on the sailing adventure of a lifetime. Discovering the benefits of refreshing cold-brewed coffee during warm nights navigating rough waters, the idea for High Brew Coffee® was born. Founded in 2014, High Brew is an all-natural 100 percent Arabica blend ready-to-drink cold brew coffee made from Direct Trade coffee beans. Brewed with zero heat, High Brew Coffee® offers premium low-calorie cold-brews in smooth, delicious flavors such as Double Espresso, Mexican Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate Mocha, Black & Bold and Creamy Cappuccino + Protein. High Brew Coffee is shelf stable to perfectly accompany an active and on-the-go lifestyle. For more information, please visit www.highbrewcoffee.com.