Top Most Unique Dishes in Thailand

Thailand is renowned for its mouth-watering cuisine and its famous attractions. Local Thai dishes combine a range of flavours and textures that are so vast that no two dishes are ever truly the same.

Whether you want to eat some lucky Thai meal before you play Live Blackjack on sbobet, or you are looking to experience some authentic Thai Cuisine, here are some top unique dishes in Thailand that can’t be missed.

Tom Yum Goong
A traditional spicy Thai soup with shrimp, it is mixed in a hot and sour broth flavoured with tomatoes, garlic, mushroom, cilantro, onions, kaffir lime, lemongrass, fish sauce, chilli peppers, and a lot of lime juice for a spicy kick.

Due to the nature of the ingredients used, the dish brings a delicate balance of spicy, salty, sweet, and sour that is tantalising to the taste buds. In a more traditional setup, the soup may feature meat, like beef, pork, chicken, or fish.

Pad Krapowl Moo Saap
Fried basil and pork is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand. The unique dish is cooked in a sizzling wok with plenty of green beans, basil leaves, fresh chilli, pork, soy sauce, and some sugar.

The fatty pork is minced and oiled to mix well with steamed white rice for a truly satisfying meal. The meal can also be topped with a fried egg.

Khao Phat/Pad
The dish is made using Thai jasmine rice, small pieces of meat, eggs, garlic, onions, and sometimes tomatoes and various seasonings. While this dish might seem simple, it packs an amazing mix of ingredients and flavours.

While this dish is typically served with slices of cucumber and wedge of lime, the secret lies in how you choose to dress it. Thai people use everything from chicken, prawn, or crab to chilli, basil, or left-over veggies to turn a plain dish into a gastronomic delight fit for royalty.

Som Tum
Hailing from the Northeast state of Isaan, the infamous green papaya salad is one of the most unique dishes in Thailand. It combines sugar, garlic, fish sauce, tamarind, and lime juice to make this exquisite salad.

Fuse this plethora of flavours with freshly cut green papayas and carrots, peanuts, tomatoes, chillies, and sticky rice you will have the perfect Thai meal.

Gaeng Daeng
Red curry is a colourful, spicy, and delicious dish indigenous to Thailand. The curry is made with red curry paste, morsels of meat, smooth coconut milk, and a sprinkle of finely sliced kaffir lime leaves.

To enrich the flavour, Thai people add herbs and spices, like garlic, chilli peppers, shallots, kaffir, fish sauce, shrimp, or galangal. The resulting rich aromatic curry is sure to get your taste buds tingling.

The dish is also a testament to the prosperity of Thailand’s natural resources and the creativity of its people.

Gang Keow Wan
Thai green curry is one of the most popular and sought-after dishes across the globe. The dish combines a range of ingredients, including green curry paste, chicken, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, Thai eggplant, and basil. These ingredients work to make an unforgettable, eaten with perfectly cooked rice to bring down the spice level.

A trip to Thailand will not be complete without a taste of its world-class cuisine. Try any one of these foods to experience a true burst of flavours all in one dish.