Hydro One Beverages Granted U.S. Patent

Hydro One Beverages Granted U.S. PatentHydro One Beverages of Greenwood, South Carolina has been granted a U.S. Patent (#8,652,550) for the unique and healthy ingredient mixture created for their all-natural Rev’D line. A distinctive combination that uses a special cinnamon extract to tackle problems associated with high blood sugars in diabetics. Additionally, Hydro One has all-natural lines that include an international award winning green tea and sport drinks. All of which are medically and scientifically created to provide many significant health and nutritional benefits that anyone can enjoy. Their team of doctors continually work to create additional products that have specific nutritional values and health benefits for our society.

Hydro One Beverages Granted U.S. Patent“We at Hydro One Beverages are very happy to have been awarded this patent that our team of doctors worked on so thoroughly and diligently. Not only does our unique mixture absorb insulin in diabetics but it also suppresses appetite and is excellent for your heart. said CEO Sammy Nasrollahi of Hydro One Beverages. “We will continue in our never ending efforts to create and develop all-natural beverages that consumers of all ages can enjoy. More importantly, beverages that provide nutritional, vitamin enriched health benefits as well. As we continue to grow it is our hope that others within the industry are interested in working together with us in different ways to make our products available nationally.” Nasrollahi added.

Other benefits include antioxidant support to protect cells, while Hydro One also claims its beverages may also help in the prevention of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and other serious health disorders. “The best news of all is that even children can enjoy and benefit from these drinks.” Nasrollahi said. “Although we created our flagship Rev’D line with diabetics in mind, everyone can benefit from them as they are a natural, vitamin enriched beverage. Cinnamon on its own is good for you but this extract is the purest version and it is excellent for the heart as well.”

Hydro One Beverages Granted U.S. PatentThe connection between what you drink and the way your body feels is a factor that plays a direct role in impacting your health. This nutritional aspect of our daily diet is the force behind Hydro One Beverages and its mission to improve people’s health by improving what they drink. We need to recognize that more and more individuals are looking to make better food choices and to take better control of their lives through a healthier diet. A revolution has begun, one that is changing the culture once dominated by sugar-laden beverages and moving toward healthier choices that support healthy lifestyles. Hydro One Beverages is determined to be at the forefront of this movement.

About Hydro One Premium Beverages:
Hydro One Beverages vision and mission is to become the world leader in scientific advancements that deliver nutritional supplements through water-based solutions. Hydro One is looking to expand distribution nationwide via various distribution and retail outlets. Currently they are being carried by Whole Foods in South Carolina and Fresh Markets in both Georgia and the Carolinas. Sold as well online and provided for and carried by the NHL Philadelphia Flyers organization. For more information on their full line of all-natural beverages, distribution or any other business related opportunities with the Hydro One Beverage team, visit them at www.hydroonebeverages.com and find them on Facebook and Twitter.