Ice Link provides a sanitary, cost effective solution for ice transportation

Ice Link provides a sanitary, cost effective solution for ice transportationThe food and beverage industry has always struggled with methods of getting fresh, sanitary ice from the ice making machine to the customer. Traditionally there are two primary methods used to ensure drink dispensers have ice available for customers.

The first method is the Manual Movement of ice to Point of Use – this is where ice is scooped up in buckets, carried over a distance and dumped into drink dispensers. The issues with this method are sanitation risks from human contact and unsanitary containers which can lead to Ecoli, Salmonella, Shigella, and fecal material on ice. This method also increases labor costs, increases slip and fall risks for employees and customers, and leads to increased workers compensation claims.

The second method used to ensure drink dispensers have ice available for customers is the placing of Ice Makers on Top of Beverage Dispensers – this is where ice makers, in many cases, multiple ice makers, are put on top of beverage and ice dispensers. The main issue with this method is sanitation as it is very difficult to clean the ice machine and drink dispenser when it is top mounted. It’s also expensive in that an ice machine, electrical hookups, water and drain are needed for each top mounted ice maker. An additional problem is the limited ice production due to the small size of most ice machines made for mounting on drink dispensers. This means a limited ice storage capacity for most drink dispensers. Yet another concern is the height restrictions in a service area due to the space needed for top mounted ice machines.

Ice Link provides a sanitary, cost effective solution for ice transportationWhat can Ice Link do for your Business?
Ice Link is revolutionizing the “ICE TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY”. It allows those in the food and beverage business to transport ice in a safe and sanitary manner while also reducing labor costs, risk of injury and the need to buy multiple top mounted ice machines. Ice Link uses a patented vacuum delivery system to transport ice faster than it can be made or consumed, to various ice use points within a restaurant or bar, fast food outlet, movie theatre, arena or convention center. Ice Link can be installed in new or existing facilities at similar price points and will ensure an uninterrupted ice supply for multiple dispensers.

Ice Link provides Food Safe Ice. The enclosed system can automatically provide ice when and where you need it. No more dirty scoops or pails. With Ice Link, “cubed” or “nugget” ice will be rapidly moved straight from the maker to the drink or ice dispenser storage point through sanitarily sealed lines with no human exposure. Ice Link™ can sense a need anywhere in the restaurant or bar and can then provide ice to numerous dispensers within seconds. Ice Link can move as much as nine hundred pounds of ice each hour. And it can transport the ice the length of a football field and the height of a four story building.

Ice Link can dramatically reduce your operational costs, reduces your payroll and help expedite customer orders. It will also eliminate the time consuming practice of your employees manually filling your beverage dispensers. The average restaurant spends 90 minutes per day scooping ice into 15 lb. pails to fill 200 lbs. capacity dispensers. With Ice Link staff members can spend more time serving your customers thus generating more sales. In addition, Ice Link can save businesses thousands of dollars annually by eliminating top-mounted icemakers throughout the restaurant thus minimizing additional drains, electrical connections and water supply lines. Ice Link also eliminates liability problems with accidents or injuries associated with manually carrying ice. The automated delivery system reduces manual labor injuries and risks of slips-and-falls by employees or customers.

Proof of Performance
One Ice Link system at Pacific Theaters in Los Angeles has been keeping the drink dispensers successfully filled for twelve years without a major mechanical breakdown.

At the University of South Carolina the Ice Link system allows the Student Cafeteria to meet the needs of 25,000 students during a five hour lunch window.

Other establishments already benefitting from the Ice Link Solution include the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, L’Auberge Casino in Baton Rouge, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Baker’s Restaurants and Circle K Convenience Stores.

Ice Link offers both rental and sales programs for Ice Link systems. The corporate offices and demonstration units are located in Orange, California and the systems are manufactured in San Antonia, Texas. And you can relax… Ice Link will maintain your system. Ice Link does it for you, which also means it is ALWAYS under warranty (part of the benefits associated with the Ice Link lease program).

About Ice Link:
Ice Link is the modern solution to ice management. Our patented technology allows food service businesses to transport ice from a single or stacked icemaker arrangement to multiple use points with hands-free automation. Using customer owned ice machines, or ice machines provided by Ice Link, the system transports ice where you need it, when you need it, with the fastest, cleanest ice delivery system available at any price. No more unsanitary buckets. No more costly cleaning time. No more threat of customers or employees slipping and falling because of a spill from outdated ice delivery methods. Ice Link eliminates all these hassles. It saves money, reduces risk, and improves operational efficiencies for any business that uses or sells ice. Visit for more information.