IHOP® Selects TRAY POS as New Vendor

TRAY, an innovative Point of Sale and restaurant management platform geared toward Enterprise restaurants, today announced a multi-year deal with IHOP® restaurants in the US.

IHOP® Selects TRAY POS as New Vendor

In this new partnership, IHOP will be upgrading its current POS systems to TRAY’s system. The new system allows IHOP franchisees to leverage more efficient training, and allows for more up to date technology throughout the restaurants. Since TRAY technology uses Android-based hardware, it provides an additional cost-savings opportunity for franchisees and allows for rapid conversion with minimal restaurant disruption.

“TRAY meets the stringent requirements for our business and the business of our franchisees now and in the future,” said Justin Skelton, Chief Information Officer of DINE Brands. “TRAY’s ability for customization allows for continued growth and innovation. ”

According to TRAY’s Founder & CEO, Peter Kellis, “We knew we had a great Enterprise solution for Family Entertainment Centers, which was our initial focus, but we didn’t have everything full-service and fast-casual restaurants needed. Over several years, working with the awesome team at DINE helped us perfect our offering. This new venture with IHOP  confirms our technology and our ability to support major restaurant brands”,

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TRAY’s system is modern and cloud-based and can handle the changing requirements of more than 1600 IHOP restaurants across the US, including ordering online, apps, and tablets. The system also allows integration with other Enterprise Software for reporting, payments, inventory, scheduling, etc. TRAY is processor and hardware-agnostic, making its service a flexible choice for brands looking for a change.

About TRAY

TRAY is the developer of an Enterprise Point of Sale and Restaurant Management product that is compatible with multiple types of hardware and credit card processors, allowing restaurants to keep using their POS hardware devices, payment systems, and other systems, while drastically improving the way orders are taken and processed. It can also manage multiple parts of a restaurant business, by offering enterprise menu management, time management, staff handhelds, and online, tabletop, and kiosk ordering.

TRAY offers a long list of features for restaurants at an enterprise level. It also works on bespoke and customizable features with clients. With DINE Brands Global, TRAY has added over 500 full-service and enterprise features to its technology.