Seasonal Brew Aged over Black Cherrywood with Maple Syrup Finish –

INNIS & GUNN TOASTS NORTH AMERICAN FANS WITH NEW CHERRYWOOD BEERInnis & Gunn is hoping to hit the sweet spot with its second seasonal US beer, Canadian Cherrywood Aged (8.3% ABV), a scotch ale aged over Canadian Black Cherrywood and finished with Maple Syrup.

The special beer marks the first time in the Scottish brewer’s ten-year history that the signature vanilla notes derived from oak ageing will be replaced by an altogether spicier, woodier flavor profile.

As the best-selling British bottled beer in Canada*, Innis & Gunn has a strong Canadian connection and the brewer has released Limited Edition Canada Day beers for the last four years running as a toast to its loyal Canadian following.  For 2013, Innis & Gunn is making the limited edition ale available to drinkers across North America on draft and in boxed 750ml bottles.

Brewed using three malt varieties, roasted barley, wheat and Super Styrian and Goldings hops, Canadian Cherrywood Aged is matured for 49 days over lightly-toasted black cherrywood chips. Maple syrup is added post maturation when the beer is in cold conditioning to add a subtly sweet, toasty twist.

In another nod to its Canadian fanbase, Innis & Gunn has featured artwork by Canadian artist Tatiana O’Donnell on the carton.  Her painting ‘Forest Spectrum’ won Innis & Gunn’s annual art competition: a collaboration with the Society of Canadian Artists.

Innis & Gunn CEO, Dougal Sharp, commented: “This is the first time we have used another wood to mature our beer and it has produced really different, very distinctive qualities both in aroma and taste.  It shows another side to Innis & Gunn, that it’s not just about the oak, it’s about the end flavour.  For Innis & Gunn fans, this will be something new to try.  For drinkers out there who aren’t fans of the vanilla character from the oak, this is definitely something new to try.

“The maple syrup really balances the resinous woodiness from the cherrywood, giving an earthy burnt toffee quality, it’s quite delicious.”

Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Aged will be available in the US from July, priced from $7.99 for a 330ml bottle and from $6 for a 12oz pour (prices and availability vary by state).



Malts: Innis & Gunn Ale Malt, Crystal, Aromatic Barley, Roasted Barley and Wheat

Hops: Super Styrian and Goldings

Maturation: 49 days, bourbon-infused Canadian Black Cherrywood

Finish: Maple Syrup


Tasting notes:

Color: Copper

Smell: Lots of tart red fruit with sweet biscuit malt.

Taste: Full bodied and interesting. Soft hoppy bitterness. Red cherries and maple syrup

Finish: Rich and full with lots of caramel and soft fruits

Drink With: Fresh figs and a soft goat’s cheese or smoky pulled pork

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Notes to Editors:

*Source: PMA Trade Audit

Innis & Gunn was discovered by accident, and lucky for us that it was. The beer was conceived in 2002 – well not the beer that Innis & Gunn drinkers know and love, but the base beer. Dougal Sharp was asked by Grant’s Distillers to create a distinctive beer that would season whisky barrels for a Cask Ale Reserve whisky. The beer was developed and served its time in the barrel only to be thrown away as a by-product until canny distillery workers realized that it was a brew like no other and far too good to dispense with. Instead, they dispensed the beer into soda bottles for the occasional clandestine treat. Transformed by its time in oak, the beer assumed characteristics that were completely unknown in any other beer styles. Sweet toffee and vanilla notes complemented a backbone of mellow malt and fruity hop. This was a beer that was both complex and flavorful and the industry soon sat up to take note.

In 2003, Innis & Gunn (the middle names of CEO Dougal Sharp and his brother Neil) launched with this first and cornerstone beer, Original. Over time, Blonde and Rum Finish have joined the family and Seasonal releases help Innis & Gunn continue to blaze a trail in oak maturation. Plaudits have abounded for both the beer and the company: Monde Selection medals, World Beer Awards and two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in International Trade have all signalled that, despite an accidental discovery, Innis & Gunn has a nose for beer and a head for business.

Now Scotland’s leading independent beer company, Innis & Gunn has built a loyal band of followers across the globe. Beyond the UK, where it is the fourth biggest specialty beer brand in the retail sector, Innis & Gunn is the best-selling British bottled beer in Canada and number one bottled import ale in Sweden.