It’s Time To Drink Like A Grown-Up

It’s Time To Drink Like A Grown-Up

Remember when the most sophisticated drink you knew was a booze-soaked gelatin shot? Maybe knocking back Mind Erasers?  When quantity of spirits was more important than quality? Things that seemed like a good idea in college – philosophy class, anyone? – have no place in the professional world. Luckily for upcoming college graduates entering the work force (and, really, for anyone already there whose behavior at the company party keeps them from getting ahead), The League of Extraordinary Drinkers is here to teach you to Drink Like A Grown-Up. The book, due in June 2016, serves as a guide to understanding the myriad spirits categories, the classic and sophisticated cocktails in which they are used, and the tools, equipment and glassware the sophisticated spirits enthusiast needs to create them.

The League of Extraordinary Drinkers is a highly secretive organization (think Illuminati or the Masons, but better outfits), dedicated to ridding the world of fussy, fruity alcoholic concoctions – one sarcastic comment at a time.

Through their first book, Drink Like A Grown-Up, the League provides detailed information on all things alcohol:

  • It’s Time To Drink Like A Grown-UpDrinking Then & Now – a brief history of alcohol consumption from Mesopotamia to your college frat relaying how spirits and cocktails evolved over time and how some became sophisticated “Classics” and others a bed memory you wish you could forget
  • Spirits 101: Where Boozes Come From – shares the distillation process
  • Home Bar Hardware – everything you need to equip your home bar to prove you know how to drink like a grown-up
  • Glassware – the right hardware isn’t enough, you need to know the proper glasses for every cocktail and perhaps an anecdote to dazzle your guests, like the ever sophisticated coupe glass some say was modeled after Maria Antoinette’s breast
  • And finally a category by category breakdown of what separates vodka from gin, whisky from whiskey, liqueurs from liquors, and much more; Each of these chapters shares recipes for classic cocktails as well as a short list of The League’s recommended brands

Each page shares traditions, stories and myths from cocktail culture, all in the League’s signature style – sarcasm, wit, and irreverent respect for their favorite subject.  By imparting their knowledge, The League hopes to help imbibers avoid career and social pitfalls that can result from over consumption with colleagues, making the wrong order in front of the boss, or making the wrong move when trying to impress. In other words, The League wishes to help people know and understand where the drink in their hand comes from, because it isn’t just what makes you drink better: It’s what makes you Drink Like a Grown-Up.