Kick-start Summer Fitness During Family Wellness Month with Crispy Green® Crispy Fruit and FruitziO®

Kick-start Summer Fitness During Family Wellness Month with Crispy Green® Crispy Fruit and FruitziO®

The irresistibly delicious, wholesome family snack recently included in the goody bags at
Dr. Mehmet Oz’s HealthCorps Fundraiser

FAIRFIELD, NJ – May Family Wellness Month is on the way, and so is the beautiful weather your family has been craving all winter. Take advantage of the fresh, warm air to get fit for summer by taking your family for a hike, bike ride or walk around the park and be sure to pack the perfect on-the-go summer treat: Crispy Green® premium Crispy Fruit and FruitziO® all-natural freeze-dried fruit snacks. These delicious and healthy snacks are full of fresh fruit flavor with the added benefits of being free of fat, cholesterol, gluten and nuts, low calorie, and kosher-certified. Sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt, it’s no wonder why they were selected this spring to be in the exclusive goody bags of Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps fundraiser to fight childhood obesity.

Family Wellness Month strives for communities to adopt healthy family lifestyles including making healthier eating choices. The healthier each individual family is overall helps to improve the well-being of our society as a whole. Set an example by being a family who snacks on Crispy Fruit and FruitziO – making you, your family and your community healthier one delicious, sweet and crunchy bite at a time! (

From inclusion in Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps goody bags and in the swag bags at the Grammy Awards to landing in your child’s lunch box, Crispy Green is passionate about supporting a healthy lifestyle.

“Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is a cornerstone of good health,” says Angela Liu, President and Founder of Crispy Green. “Yet, over 80 percent of Americans do not consume enough fruits and vegetables in their daily meals. If we could substitute some of our snacks with a variety of fruits, particularly those that do not contain additives or preservatives, it would help increasing our daily fruit intake while satisfying our snacking habits.”

Available in six delicious flavors, Crispy Fruit comes in single-serving bags (MSRP: $1.49 each) that provide approximately one serving of fruit and 55 calories or less per bag. FruitziO, which boasts five great-tasting flavors with a hint of added cane sugar, has 2.5 servings per bag and only 100 calories for the entire bag (MSRP: $3.49). Crispy Fruit and FruitziO are the perfect portable healthy snack, combining the mess-free convenience of a bag of chips with nutritious value and the delicious taste of real fruit.

In addition to single-serving bags, Crispy Fruit is available in the handy “Grab & Go” 6-PACK – six single serving bags in one convenient multi-bag (MSRP: $7.99).

Crispy Green® and FruitziO® products are available online and in stores such as The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Giant Eagle Market District, Earth Fare and selected Whole Foods markets. To find a retailer in your area that carries Crispy Green’s® and FruitziO® products, go to For more information, please visit For news updates, information and special offers, follow Crispy Green and FruitziO® on Twitter @CrispyGreen and @FruitziO and become a fan on Facebook at

About Crispy Green

Crispy Green Inc. ( is the maker of Crispy Green® Crispy Fruit freeze-dried fruit snacks, “real fruit, real taste, nothing else!” and the new line of FruitziO® freeze-dried fruit snacks, with a hint of pure cane sugar. The Crispy Green® and FruitziO® line of snacks are made of only the finest fruits available. A sophisticated freeze-drying process removes the water from fresh, sweet fruit, leaving behind the fruit’s true essence in a light and crispy texture that’s perfect for snacking. Crispy Green® and FruitziO® are a delicious, convenient way to add more fruit to your daily diet. The company was founded in August 2004 with a vision to be the leading provider of high quality, natural food products desired by everyone who wants to live a healthy and better life. In 2005, Crispy Green introduced its line of Crispy Green® Crispy Fruit in the United States. Since then, Crispy Green® has been adding one new product each year to its product line to meet its rapidly growing distribution footprint. In 2009, Crispy Green® launched FruitziO® Strawberry, the first product in its line of FruitziO® freeze-dried fruit snacks.