Kiosk manufacturer lands monster Chase deal

Pye is moving forward with its largest deal ever, according to its CEO, to securely process payments for Chase customers across Canada.

Kiosk Maker Strikes Big Deal with Chase

Pye Founder and CEO Jegil Dugger estimated the partnership could be scaled to a nearly $100-million-dollar operation. Jefferson County-based Pye, which makes standalone, tabletop and handheld kiosks for payments and other uses, will provide self-service payment devices for Chase customers such as restaurants and hospitality businesses in Canada.

“Kiosks are the transactional tools now and of the future,” said Pye Founder and CEO Jegil Dugger. “Chase recognized that path long ago, and this pairing is further opportunity to support businesses and consumers interacting confidently and hassle-free.”

Dugger said the company is preparing to roll out roughly 3-5,000 kiosks for Canadian Chase customers over the next year.

He said Pye will also likely work with Chase on a separate partnership for U.S. customers in roughly the next three to six months, at which time the company would prepare more kiosks. He said it will install its first Canadian customer within the next week.

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Dugger said a Canadian company, AHTPOS, that sells Pye’s devices and works with Chase helped facilitate the partnership. The kiosks being distributed in Canada will connect with Chase’s end-to-end secure payment system and will allow for various electronic payment methods, including Android and Apple Pay.

Pye has various customers in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Last year it partnered with Pennsylvania-based Shift4 payments for the company’s unified commerce platform and to provide end-to-end payment for merchants and customers.