KRAFT YES Pack Launches a 4/1-Gallon Case Offering

KRAFT Foodservice introduces a new 4/1-gallon case of the innovative KRAFT YES Pack to meet the growing needs of medium- to high-volume operators. The popular KRAFT YES Pack, which launched in January 2012, was previously only available in a 2/1-gallon case. With new size options, operators can meet customer demands by offering the top-selling salad dressing flavors from KRAFT Foodservice. These flavors include:

  • Ranch
  • Creamy Caesar
  • Thousand Island
  • Blue Cheese
  • Golden Italian
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Honey Dijon

The KRAFT YES Pack — a game-changing dressings package that stands for Yield, Ease and Sustainability—provides foodservice operators with the delicious KRAFT Dressings they have relied on for 70+ years, in new innovative packaging. The new package is designed to help operators manage costs and optimize back-of-house efficiencies.

This innovative packaging will help operators yield up to 99% of the dressing inside and avoid the messy scraping and dangerous cutting that is often associated with traditional one-gallon jugs. Top and bottom handles on the package provide faster and more accurate pouring with reduced spillage. In addition, the unique eco-friendly design can reduce solid waste and costs associated with waste removal.

The new 4/1-gallon case is the ideal size to meet the demands of high-volume operators, while the 2/1-gallon case of KRAFT YES Pack continues to meet the needs of low-volume operations.

To learn more about this groundbreaking new way to deliver high-quality, in-demand KRAFT Dressings,