Rich Products Corporation, a leading supplier and solutions provider to the foodservice, in-store bakery and retail marketplaces, announced the acquisition of two companies and a joint venture with a third. The acquisitions of Goglanian Bakeries Inc. and f’real foods LLC and the new joint venture, Twin Star Bakery, with The Stolbun Group, are critical components to a significant transformation of Rich’s US-Canada business portfolio.

The acquisition of Goglanian Bakeries Inc. will significantly expand Rich’s current pizza business and provide the company with an exceptional line of par-baked pizza crusts, flatbreads and pitas, to complement its existing strength in frozen pizza dough within the foodservice channel. The acquisition of f’real foods LLC provides Rich’s with a new product line and greater penetration into the high-growth convenience store segment. Founded in 1995, f’real is a fast-growing company which sells authentic, high-quality milkshakes, smoothies and frozen coffee beverages, along with patented blending equipment, to more than 9,000 convenience store and foodservice locations across the United States and Canada. And, the joint venture partnership, Twin Star Bakery, with The Stolbun Group, brings a line of high quality fully-finished cakes, and baked and iced cookies to the company’s diverse portfolio, expanding the offerings available to in-store bakery customers.