As boba drinks take the beverage industry by storm, Krak Boba, the Southern California-based boba franchise, is set to conquer national markets through a groundbreaking partnership with Sysco, the renowned global leader in the distribution of food and non-food products.


Krak Boba takes pride in using only the finest ingredients to craft their signature drinks, featuring exciting flavor combinations. Each drink on the menu undergoes taste-testing and receives high ratings before earning a spot on its menu.


Krak Boba’s commitment to guest satisfaction and their passion for reimagining traditional boba drinks truly sets them apart from the rest. They are ready to introduce their flavors, such as creative boba drinks, handcrafted coffee, hot teas, refreshing smoothies, etc. to even more communities in the U.S.


“At Krak Boba, we’re humbled at the massive size of the Sysco operations and the professionalism and dedication of Daniel and Rob’s team, therefore we felt incredibly blessed to work with Sysco as we begin our national expansion,” said Tin Do, CEO of Krak Boba. “We strongly resonate with Sysco’s message of being at the heart of food and service because it is in alignment with our brand’s pillars of service and joy.”


Sysco’s strategy, “Grow with the growers,” aligns with Krak Boba’s values, recognizing the passion and dedication of Krak Boba’s leadership team. Rob Schwartz, New Business Developer at Sysco’s Southern California Region, stated, “We’re incredibly proud to have been selected as Krak Boba’s primary distributor. Krak Boba’s passionate leadership team and dedication to quality products and recipes played an enormous part in our desire to bring in a completely new line of products to service Krak Boba’s growing number of locations through Sysco’s Southern California region and beyond.”


Launched and headquartered in California in 2020, Krak Boba concluded 2023 with ten locations open and 18 under development, bringing the total to 28 outlets network-wide. Krak Boba and Sysco’s partnership marks a significant milestone in the boba franchise’s journey, propelling it into a new era of national presence and continued success.


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About Krak Boba


Krak Boba is not just a boba tea brand; it’s a revolution in the making. Founded on a relentless pursuit of flavor innovation and a commitment to authenticity, Krak Boba has swiftly emerged as a vibrant force in the dynamic world of boba tea. The brand believes in unearthing the strength within you, celebrating authenticity and defying conventions. Our mission is to craft powerful elixirs that invigorate your senses, infuse you with vitality and empower you to reign supreme in your daily adventures. Because, at Krak Boba, we know that you were born to rule!


With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a boundless spirit of innovation, we invite you to sip, savor and celebrate the extraordinary. Krak Boba is your passport to flavor-filled escapades that awaken your inner ruler. Join us in challenging the norm and embracing the exceptional, one extraordinary sip at a time. To learn more, please visit