Kroger Grocery Shopping Tips

The Kroger Company is a gigantic family of stores. Today, there are 24+ brands in the chain! Whether you shop at Fred Meyer, Smith’s, or Ralph’s, similar saving hacks apply. Here are key ways to buy groceries for less.

Kroger has earned a reputation for high quality and broad range. These stores always have fresh produce and delicious pre-cooked meals. Preview the latest Kroger ad to discover the best deals in your area. The third-largest retailer in the USA has a lot to offer!

1. Get the Loyalty Card

Coupon clipping is a relic of the past. Progressive retailers like Kroger allow you to load virtual manufacturer coupons to your account. This means all applicable discounts are added once you scan or swipe your card at the checkout. Please note that digital manufacturer coupons may not be combined with printed ones for the same product.

It is not even necessary to carry the card with you. To have all the discounts applied, customers may simply enter their phone number. Convenience is undeniable.

2. Get Free Friday Items

Friday should be every Kroger customer’s favorite day. This is when a virtual coupon for a free item becomes available. You do not have to use it on the same day. Add it to the loyalty card, and you will have 2 weeks to redeem it! The freebies may include bread, candy, pet food, and many other items.

3. Combine Coupons and Offers

At the checkout, Kroger allows you to stack one manufacturer coupon (virtual, paper, or printed) with one in-ad store coupon. It does not matter which type of coupon is in the ad (manufacturer or store). Every customer may use two printable digital coupons per manufacturer daily. You can save even more when buying in bulk. Up to 5 manufacturer coupons are accepted per transaction.

4. Use Rebate Apps

Checkout 51 and other rebate apps also bring savings! For cashback, take a photo of your receipt that includes a particular product. Different rebate apps may feature offers for the same product. In this case, you can upload the same receipt multiple times!

5. Place Online Orders

Use the Checklist and place three first orders free of charge! This service allows you to buy groceries on the internet, and pick them up from the physical store. You may also use coupons by loading them to your loyalty card. Importantly, both produce and deli items are included.

Register an account on the site. Add the number of your loyalty card. That’s all! Now, shopping is a breeze. You can easily fill your cart with recently purchased products and recommended sale items. Each order starting with the four one will cost $4.95.

6. Exchange of Kroger Brand Items

Customer satisfaction is crucial for loyalty, and Kroger knows it. If you purchase a Kroger banner brand product, and it fails to meet your expectations, exchange it for free! The store will provide an equivalent for the unused portion from a national brand. All you need is a receipt.

7. Save on Gas

Customers can save up to $1 per gallon if they use fuel rewards. Usually, a dollar spent at the store (unless you buy gift cards or certain products) brings 1 fuel point. Collect as many as you like throughout the month — there is no limit. The largest volume accessible for free is 35 gallons.

There are two ways to check your balance. First, it is found at the bottom of every receipt. Secondly, you can always see it in your account information. With 100 points, you pay 10 cents less per gallon at participating gas stations, or a Kroger store (one fill-up). The biggest savings are achieved with 1,000 points — these knock a whole dollar off each gallon at a Kroger store (one fill-up).

Shop Smartly with Kroger

These are some ways you can use to pay less at Kroger. Groceries are bought the most often. Today, when the economy is in decline, saving on everyday items is vital.