Lavu iPad POS Simplifies Complex Tax Calculations for Restaurants Worldwide

Lavu iPad POS Simplifies Complex Tax Calculations for Restaurants WorldwideLavu, Inc. provides completely customizable tax calculation for all customers of its POS Lavu restaurant point of sale system. Business owners and managers can now create tax profiles with itemized tax information and multiple tax rates, multiple tax exemptions, and have taxes included in item price, all features that were previously only found in high end legacy point of sale systems.

New tax profile features offered with the latest versions of POS Lavu restaurant point of sale provide features and flexibility that are generally only found in high end legacy POS systems. The Lavu solution removes complexities and improves workflow, giving a business the maximum revenue while still accurately recording taxes. Currently used in more than 60 countries, Lavu offers flexible tax accounting for businesses in regions with complex taxation requirements.

Lavu iPad POS Simplifies Complex Tax Calculations for Restaurants WorldwidePOS Lavu version 2.2 introduced Lavu Tax Profile, a feature which makes it easy for users to set up multiple sets of tax rules for their business, even enabling those tax rates to stack in the profile. This helps locations that have a small service tax that must be included with their sales tax. Lavu customers in Canada find this to be helpful, as there may be Provincial sales taxes (PST) and Goods and Services Tax (GST). These taxes appear as separated tax rates on the receipt, as well as an available report for Tax by Rate.

With Lavu users can calculate item prices to include taxes. POS Lavu is used extensively in Australia, where taxes are often included in item prices. This allows for price calculation to result in an even figure; fast-paced bars often use this feature. Businesses can easily change their menu prices and have the system automatically calculate how much an item should cost to account for tax. A location could have a $10 drink with an included tax of 10% – This would automatically charge $9.09 for the item, with a 10% tax applied to $9.09, allowing the customer to capture as much revenue as possible while still charging the correct tax. With multiple tax profiles, locations can even set up their menu for walk-up bar service to have tax included in item price, while table service does not include tax in the item prices.

Lavu iPad POS Simplifies Complex Tax Calculations for Restaurants WorldwideSetting up multiple tax exemptions is also very fast and easy in POS Lavu. Lavu is used on or near many military bases where taxes are exempt, as well as locations that have products that are resold with taxes at a later point. Locations that cater to school districts or religious institutions that are also exempt from taxes also use the tax exemption settings frequently. These various tax exemptions are set up in the control panel with customizable receipt designations to specify the exact type of tax exemption. For more control over tax exemptions, there are settings to restrict low-level users from accessing tax exemptions, as well.

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Founded in Albuquerque, NM and operating worldwide, Lavu Inc. was formed as a solution to common point of sale problems and restaurant industry issues. Lavu Inc. offers POS Lavu as a full-featured point of sale at a fair price. Through cloud computing, wireless mobility and multi-touch devices, POS Lavu redefines the entire approach to service industry business management.

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