Learn The Basics Of Soda Making

Learn The Basics Of Soda MakingSoda makers are fantastic appliances. They turn ordinary tap water into soda water also known as seltzer or club soda which can be used to make fizzy drinks, cocktails, cola, and other beverages. Soda water was discovered accidentally by Joseph Priestley in 1767 when he left a bowl of water on top of a container of fermenting beer. The water was mixed with the carbon from the fermentation process and carbonated water was born.

Learn The Basics Of Soda MakingManufacturers have really taken notice that many people prefer to make their bubbly drinks at home and have come with up some really excellent home soda makers. This has enabled millions of individuals to save money and make their drinks in the comfort of their own homes. Making soda at home also allows people to customize their drinks to meet their own unique preferences.  Luckily for the consumer, there is a wide range of personal soda makers on the market today. Here are the basics of this handy countertop tool.

CO2 Cartridges

Soda makers usually come with CO2 cartridges. The great thing about this kind of soda maker is that it does not use electricity to power it. The cartridges are reusable and can be used many times before you need to have it replaced. Depending on the size you buy, most units can be stored inside drawers and cabinets. If you need a new cartridge, you simply go to a store that has an arrangement with the manufacturer of your unit and has your used cartridges exchanged for fresh ones. These exchange programs are very common and available at just about all home stores and much cheaper than buying new ones.


In order to carbonate water, a soda water maker has a carbonating bottle that is filled with ordinary tap water to a certain level. To carbonate the water, a button is pressed for a few seconds at most to release the CO2 from the cartridge into the bottle. There are manufacturers that provide plastic carbonating bottles which need to be replaced every 2 to 3 years depending on how often you use the machine. Keep in mind that plastic bottles are not usually dishwasher safe while other materials like glass are.


The best soda makers do not only make plain soda water. If you want variety, opt for manufacturers that provide a variety of flavors which allows users to enjoy fizzy drinks like cola, diet cola, and carbonated fruit drinks. You can also make different flavors using your typical fruit juice and even wine. But when adding flavor, make sure it is done after the carbonating process and not before.

Soda Siphons

Soda siphons are a little different in that they use a single CO2 cartridge per drink. However, these are smaller and much cheaper cartridges than used by soda makers and can be bought in bulk. The great thing about a siphon is that it is even smaller and much more portable.  The size also comes in handy if you are traveling and don’t have much counter space to spare.  Another advantage is that you can actually add flavors, fruit, and alcoholic beverages during the carbonation process which is not possible with soda making machines.

When choosing a soda maker, make sure to pick one that suits your lifestyle and of course kitchen space. If you are going to make large quantities of soda water for yourself or familyLearn The Basics Of Soda Making, the countertop version is a good choice. For those who need smaller quantities or want to have the option of making soda wherever they are a soda siphon will work wonders.