Les Dames d’Escoffier International Releases 2018 Trends Report Study Identifies Culinary Cultural Trends

Les Dames d’Escoffier International Releases 2018 Trends Report Study Identifies Culinary Cultural TrendsPresenting in-depth data and insight gathered from a recent member survey, Les Dames D’Escoffier International has released their 2018 Trends Report, forecasting the international, restaurant, catering, health and lifestyle trends, amongst other categories, that will shape the culinary cultural landscape of tomorrow. The report paints a rich picture of what’s new, what’s losing steam and what’s around the corner for the coming years.

International Influence: Undiscovered and Authentic Prevail
Top three regions identified as having the most influence on the American food scene in the coming year:
Middle East
Latin America

Top five international food concepts and flavors expected to become prominent food trends:
Puebla Hot Pot (Latin America, Mexico): ancho chile, smoked paprika and spices in chicken stock, served with chicken or pork, corn, avocado crema and fresh garnishes.

Manouri (Mediterranean, Greece): a semi-soft, fresh white whey cheese made from goat or sheep milk.
Millet (India): ancient grains harvested from small-seeded grasses used for porridge etc.
Mishkaki (East Africa, Tanzania): marinated meat skewers including a blend of lemon, tomatoes and green papaya, curry, garlic, red pepper and ginger.

Jianbing (North Asia, China): street-food breakfast crepe brushed with umami-rich hoisin and chili sauce; layered with egg, pickled veggies and herbs, and sometimes customized with sausage or bacon.

Restaurant Trends: Chef-Driven Fast Casual Sweeps
Top three established and growing restaurant concepts:
Chef-driven fast-casual
Family friendly

Top three emerging restaurant concepts:
Dog friendly

Retail Trends: Fresh Experiences Driving Zeal for Retail
Top three retail departments expected to generate the most consumer excitement:
Prepared foods
“Grocerant” in-store drinking and dining

“Les Dames d’Escoffier members, on the cutting-edge in the food, wine, and hospitality professions, share their knowledge, expertise, and analysis in this insightful trend study” said Hayley Matson-Mathes, president of Les Dames d’Escoffier International.

This international organization, which includes over 2,300 women leaders in the food, fine beverage and hospitality professions, also announced that they will be harnessing their decades of collective expertise to form a specialized Trends Panel.

For complete survey results and expert panel insights, please contact info@ldei.org

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