Local Craft Brewer Added to Roscoe Beer Co.

Joshua Hughes Announced as Roscoe Beer Company’s On-site Brewer

Local Craft Brewer Added to Roscoe Beer Co.Since receiving their New York State Brewers License, Roscoe Beer Co. (RBC) continues the forward motion of its company by adding an on-site brewer, Joshua Hughes, who will continue the development of new craft beers. Hughes will begin his work brewing at the 145 Rockland Road, Roscoe, NY location, and in the coming months, help RBC to develop their plans for a larger brewing facility.

“Josh is young, smart and has a passion for craft beer that added to our already infectious attitude,” said Tera “Dixie” Luty. “What truly made him stand out for this position is that he not only has a passion for creating new brews, but he also understands the business, having worked to open his own brewery. We look forward to his assistance in taking our beer to the next level.”

Sprouting from Weedsport, New York, Hughes has a Bachelor’s of Science in Arts Management and has been homebrewing since 2008. After moving to California and experiencing beers and beer styles from all around the world, Hughes’ passion continued to grow, leading him to band together a group of partners to try and open his own brewery.

“I have had a love for craft beer even before I was legally allowed to drink alcoholic beverages,” said Hughes. “I began experimenting with beer when I moved to California, after seeing a man brewing in his garage. I offered him a beer and watched the remainder of his brew session and knew from that point forward, I was destined to make beer. I have sought out as much information as there is out there and am constantly feeding my quest for knowledge of craft beer and brewing. Brewing beer is a true art form. With guidance and input from seasoned pros Stan Hall, Josh Knowlton and John Carr, I am confident we will make a positive mark on the craft beer scene.”

Hughes met the Roscoe Beer Co. team during one of their Home Brew Club meetings, which was created to keep the craft beer folks abreast of new brewing technques, as well as offering them an outlet to share ideas and recipies with RBC. The club is free to join and all are encouraged to participate.

In 2011, Hughes, along with a few colleagues, began drafting a business plan to start their own brewery. After a few years of planning and construction, the doors were about to open, but some unfortunate circumstances prevented the deal from coming to fruition.

“When one door closes, another opens,” said Luty. “Sometimes the stars align and they did on this. We are lucky to be able to snag him and add him to our team.”
RBC’s inaugural brew, Trout Town American Amber Ale™, pours a deep amber color, with a clean nose, balanced hops and malt, and ends with a light citrus finish. As a nod to tradition, this style of beer was typically brewed around New York State during the early 1900s. Roscoe Beer Co.’s initiative is to remain true to American beer-making traditions which have evolved from their early European ancestors.

With an aggressive plan in place, Trout Town American Amber Ale’s™ distribution continues to grow from its hometown-only point of sale. Since its debut on the market in late April, the brew is now widely distributed throughout Sullivan County, New York, as well as the region. Recently, Roscoe Beer Co. partnered with Western Beef, an east coast supermarket chain, and regional retail giant ShopRite® to bring Trout Town America Amber Ale™ to stores throughout Manhattan and the Hudson Valley.

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About Roscoe Beer Co.
Pouring onto the craft beer scene in April of 2013, the Roscoe, NY-based beer company was created by folks that enjoy the great outdoors, embrace their community and value all the wonderful things their country has to offer. Committed to offering the finest products, Roscoe Beer Co. (RBC) uses all natural ingredients to maintain and stay true to the American Beer making traditions borne from European ancestry. Their flagship brew, Trout Town American Amber Ale™ pours a deep amber color, with a clean nose, balanced hops and malt, and ends with a light citrus finish. With hopes to expand brewery operation in the near future, Roscoe Beer Co. will continue to craft new, sessionable brews as their business continues to grow.