Longevity by Brooke Burke Body Offers a Fresh Way of Life

Brooke Burke is an accomplished author, entrepreneur, fitness educator, philanthropist, and television personality. She is a loving mother, selected as one of America’s Top 10 moms to follow on social media, as well as a cancer survivor. After winning season seven of Dancing with the Stars, she was one of the show’s co-hosts for eight seasons. However, Brooke Burke Body is the real manifestation of her lifelong passion for self‑care, health, and fitness for everybody.

The next evolution of Brooke Burke Body continues with the launch of Longevity: a nutrient-dense, plant-based superfood free of wheat, gluten, and dairy. Through an online subscription, Longevity superfood blends can become part of anyone’s daily routine to provide more energy, better focus, increased endurance, and faster recovery in as little as seven to 10 days of regular use.

Longevity offers two carefully crafted, proprietary blends made up of the ideal combination of non-GMO, raw, organic, and plant-based superfoods in either Cacao or Cafe Mocha flavor. Each flavor blend comprises therapeutic levels of chia seed, flaxseed, green tea, probiotics, goji, and more in a single scoop serving. These carefully selected and concentrated nutrients and an active and healthy lifestyle can improve overall physical and mental health and well-being. Food and Beverage Magazine connected with Burke about her newest launch of Longevity.


You have always embraced healthy living and wellness. Who and what influenced you to embrace this lifestyle?

Brooke Burke: I wasn’t raised in a family focused on physical well-being. I grew up in a simple family, but our traditions and family lessons shared in the dining room shaped my passion for family traditions in the kitchen. I developed my pallet traveling the world and brought home my favorite flavors and international experiences. For me, healthy living and wellness include the mind, body, and spirit. I have learned how to train my body over two decades and satisfy a gourmet pallet with fresh, natural, mindful ingredients. To be honest, a big part of my fitness motivation is the fact that it allows me to splurge on decadent dining. I definitely consider myself a foodie and lover of the gourmet scene. Few people know this, but my lifelong dream is to attend culinary school. I tabled that desire to raise my family, but who knows what the next chapter will serve up. In the meantime, I’m a home chef and love experimenting with new kitchen flavors.


When and why did you start Brooke Burke Body?

Brooke Burke: The decision to create a digital health and wellness brand really happened by accident. I was traveling one summer and didn’t have the chance to go to a gym. I decided to post a social media video of a workout I had been doing on a lawn chair mat while my kids were in the pool. It was just an experiment. But the response was incredible. It got me thinking about how I could encourage women—and men—worldwide to become healthier with simple workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere. In 2017, we launched Brooke Burke Body as a digital app on your phone or tablet. Today, Brooke Burke Body is available on app stores as well as on streaming platforms, including Roku, Samsung, and Vizio, among others. With the launch of Longevity by Brooke Burke Body, we have just collaborated our first-ever brand partnership. It keeps growing and shows the world that you can live a healthy life with simple, easy tips and tricks like a superfood powder for great nutrition, stackable workouts, and compound exercise movements that use multiple muscle groups simultaneously.


Why did you create Longevity? Who and what inspired you to develop this product?

Brooke Burke: I’m all about efficiency, simplifying wellness, and fueling my body with all good things. I’m obsessed with superfoods because they’re great for energy, focus, and recovery. It’s all the things your body needs to thrive. I used to line up a bunch of ingredients for my morning shake, which is expensive and time-consuming. With Longevity, I get everything I need in one product. It’s simple and mindful and tastes delicious. I worked closely with Forever Brands in creating this product in their labs in Seattle. I wanted to be proud of the ingredients. I wanted to love the flavor. I wanted it to be something I truly used as part of my daily lifestyle.


What health trends do you see in 2023? How can Longevity by Brooke Burke Body help in 2023?

Brooke Burke: Simplicity is the name of the game, isn’t it? The more we can simplify our routines to make health, wellness, and mindfulness part of our daily routines, the more we will thrive. Simple exercises can be done anywhere, anytime, with or without equipment. That’s what Brooke Burke Body is all about, offering excellent, delicious food that fuels our body for all-day success and helps to create energy and focus while aiding in recovery. That is Longevity. All of it can be achieved in your home, office, or hotel room in a matter of minutes.

Another health trend I think will be huge in 2023 is self-care and mindfulness. I work a lot with the concept of self-talk and positive inner dialogue. I encourage women to accomplish their goals and make self-care a priority. The choice to put yourself first or, at a minimum, to put yourself on an equal plane with the rest of the family empowers you to set boundaries. I don’t believe in the concept of balance because life doesn’t work that way. I think life is perfectly imperfect. I believe in learning to manage it all and creating harmony in your life. When you commit to self-care, you gain self-awareness, mindfulness, and energy. We show the world that we value ourselves and believe we are worthy of time and capable of achieving our goals.

Finally, I think gratitude is something we should strive for daily, and something more and more people are making part of their daily routine. Gratitude is simply taking the time to say out loud what you are thankful for each day. This holiday season, we started a sweet program called Thanks and Planks. It’s about chanting the 10 things you are grateful for while holding a plank position. It really allows your mind and body to step into gratitude while doing something challenging for your body. But it doesn’t have to always be during exercise. It can be while you’re driving. Or during a morning meditation. It’s just about slowing down and remembering to be thankful for this body that keeps you going every day and this life you’ve been given. This also goes for the positive mantras I mentioned earlier. Repeat those anytime you need a boost of self-confidence—before an important meeting, while stuck in traffic, or when you are having a challenging parenting moment.


How can Longevity by Brooke Burke Body help with new goals and trends?

Brooke Burke: For me, wellness is about developing a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. When you start each day off on a healthy note, a realistic routine will naturally fall into place. With Longevity, it takes just 60 seconds to have a yummy shake packed with vitamins and minerals that help give you lasting energy and elevate your overall health. It goes back to what I said before—Simplicity. If we can simplify wellness, it becomes attainable for everyone.


How has being a cancer survivor following health and wellness helped in your journey?

Brooke Burke: I’m not going to lie: Cancer threw me for a loop. It came as a total shock for someone who has always made health and wellness a top priority. However, once I processed the diagnosis, I realized that learning the lesson that you’re not completely in control or invincible is a good thing. It made me even more of an encourager for women to live their best life each and every day.


What is it like to be a mom, and how has this influenced your career?

Brooke Burke: Being a mom can be overwhelming at times. But it’s the best job in the world! I created Brooke Burke Body for moms like me who have little free time but know the value of prioritizing wellness. It goes back to simplicity and the fact that Brooke Burke Body and Longevity both simplify wellness. In fact, I have a series of kitchen burns that are inspired by barre classes. Instead of going to a studio, however, it’s something I do in my own kitchen while I’m knocking out a meal for the family. The kitchen countertop mimics the challenge of the barre class. As a mom, we can put ourselves last on the list when we should be first. The truth is, the more I take care of myself, the better I feel, and the better I am in all areas of my life as a mother, a businesswoman, a partner, and a friend.


What is it like to be an influencer today?

Brooke Burke: I’ve been honored to be part of people’s lives for over two decades. You’ve invited me into your living room through my TV shows. You’ve sweat with me in the digital gym, thanks to Brooke Burke Body. Now you are inviting me into your kitchen with the launch of Longevity. It’s an amazing privilege that you continue to support me and my work. Likewise, I hope you find encouragement, strength, love, and, at times, some laughter in the content I create for you. One of the greatest compliments I have ever received was to be described as an “encourager.” It’s such a beautiful way to describe what I’m trying to do. So, I really don’t think of myself as an influencer but as an encourager who is on a mission to help women take care of themselves and simplify their health and wellness routines.

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Is Longevity by Brooke Burke Body involved with any charity or nonprofit organizations?

Brooke Burke: I’ve been involved with Operation Smile for over a decade. They are an amazing organization that changes the lives of children with free cleft surgeries. Many children born with cleft conditions cannot eat correctly, which puts them at risk for severe malnutrition and even death. What really got me hooked on the organization was knowing how easy it is to help. The surgery takes less than an hour, and a donation of just $240 makes it possible for one child’s life to be changed.

Longevity aims to simplify wellness by creating natural, energizing products that work in harmony with consumers’ daily routines and allow them to take control of their health.

Longevity is now available direct-to-consumer on www.longevitybybrookeburkebody.com, with prices ranging from $39.95 to $57.95 with subscription options available. Consumers can find custom recipes that are simple and easy to follow on the Longevity website and Instagram @ longevitybrookeburkebody and TikTok @ longevitybrookeburkebody, as well as on BrookeBurke.com and the Brooke Burke Body fitness app.