M.S. Walker Brands has today announced the seasonal release of Gin Lane 1751 Violet Gin in the United States. This new floral offering is the latest from Gin Lane 1751’s Victorian Garden Series of flavored gins that are inspired by foraged flavors from the Victorian garden era where different seasons brought diverse fruits, flowers, and herbs to life. Rolling out nationwide in June, this Violet Gin carries a suggested retail price of $39.99.

M.S. Walker Brands & Gin Lane 1751 Debut New Violet Gin for Summer Season

Fresh, all natural Violet leaf oils are extracted and flawlessly infused with a balanced eight botanical recipe that is masterfully blended at Thames Distillers in London England by 8th Generation Distiller, Charles Maxwell. The gin’s lilac hue lends itself to visually stunning and mouthwatering cocktails meant to be enjoyed on patios or bars and restaurants alike with a modern twist on the classics to contemporary cocktails across the country this summer.


“Inspired by the revered classic Aviation cocktail that dates back to the turn of the 20th century, this latest release in our Victorian Garden Series is a wonderful balance of freshness and flavor ripe for that summer patio setting,” says Geoff Curley, Founder & CEO of Gin Lane 1751.


As the premium gin category surges, Gin Lane 1751’s portfolio of craft gins also includes a Traditional London Dry Gin (SRP: $32.99), Victorian Pink Gin (SRP: $39.99), Old Tom Gin (SRP: $39.99), and Royal Strength Gin (SRP: $39.99), as well as the seasonal Cucumber Watermelon Mint Gin (SRP: $39.99).


For more information on Gin Lane 1751, please visit www.ginlane1751.com or follow the brand on Instagram or Facebook.


About Gin Lane 1751

Produced in the heart of London, Gin Lane 1751 is the embodiment of a classic, Victorian-era style combined with packaging that reflects the time period. These small-batch gins are handcrafted by 8th-generation distiller Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers in traditional copper pot stills. Each bottle is batch-numbered with a super-premium look and feel.

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About M.S. Walker Brands

Founded in 1933 in Boston, Massachusetts, M.S. Walker Brands acts as an importer of curated nationally marketed spirit and wine brands from around the world, in addition to producing its own internationally marketed spirits brands in Boston, MA.