Lifted Spirits refreshes its Jalapeño & Herb Infusion vodka for the summer season

In the latest of its seasonal releases, Lifted Spirits has announced the return of a summer favorite, its Jalapeño & Herb Infusion vodka.


Classified as a botanical vodka, the Jalapeño & Herb Infusion blends fresh jalapeño peppers, black cardamom, coriander, spearmint and lemon balm to create a unique and refreshing flavor profile. While tasting, the vodka brings a bright kick of spice at the front that tingles on the tongue, which is quickly cooled by the infused mint and the earthier tones of black cardamom and coriander.


“The thought behind the Jalapeño & Herb Infusion was that we wanted to highlight botanicals outside of gin in new ways that allowed us to be creatively expressive,” said Lifted Spirits Founder & CEO Michael Stuckey. “We liked the idea of summer being embodied in a spirit that’s fresh, herbal and flavorful. The Jalapeño & Herb Infusion personifies all the things you associate with summer and sunshine — sitting poolside or on your porch, drinking something cool.”


This will be the fifth year that Lifted Spirits offers its Jalapeño & Herb Infusion vodka, with summer months being a peak time for harvesting fresh jalapeño peppers. While flavored vodkas are fairly common, Stuckey says, a botanical vodka is a unique offering that reflects Lifted Spirits’ creative vision — and its mission to expand the horizons of distillation as a craft.


Lifted Spirits has other exciting developments from the still and barrel coming soon: In upcoming weeks, the distillery will roll out a new rotation of cocktails for its summer menu, and fans of Lifted Spirits can expect to see the addition of a Barrel Reserve Gin #3, following the success of the first two Barrel Reserve releases.


The Jalapeño & Herb Infusion Vodka will be available until Labor Day. You can try it out here:


About Lifted Spirits 

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