Mercer Barcelona Announces Kresios

Mercer Barcelona Announces KresiosThe Mercer Barcelona is proud to announce that the award winning Chef Giuseppe Iannotti of Benevento, Italy, will open restaurant Kresios in early 2016. The “marriage” between the two was melded from sharing the same philosophy – simply providing excellence. The hotel has been consistently recognized as providing the highest quality service to guests within an innovative, sleek and contemporary design. “Chef Iannotti creates inspiring and innovative cuisine and has been sewing the red star awarded to him by the Guide Michelin onto his jacket every year since 2013,” says Francesc Holgado, General Manager. “My menu is rooted in tradition, yet is entirely forward thinking. I search for ingredients of outstanding quality from around the globe to create a refined cuisine,” says Giuseppe. “All of these ingredients will now come together as the restaurant at the Mercer provides the perfect backdrop for my dishes.”

Oddly, there is a Roman thread between the Mercer Barcelona and Kresios Benevento.Architect Rafael Moneo responsibly incorporated the heritage of the early Roman fortifications and medieval arches at the hotel into a light filled space that allows guests to dine within a place surrounded by history yet entirely modern at the same time. With the integration of the Patio de los Naranjos you also see remnants of the columns while dining among orange trees. Chef Iannotti’s home town of Benevento was a strategic route along the ancient Appian Way and hosted Generals and Roman elite from Nero to Septum and Trajan. We are sure the early Romans would have loved to lay their weary heads at the Mercer or dine at Kresios, but now you can enjoy all of these pleasures under one roof!