Midwood Smokehouse Brings the Taste of Texas

Midwood Smokehouse Brings the Taste of Texas to the Carolinas

Midwood Smokehouse Brings the Taste of TexasEncompassing the art of real barbecue is what separates Midwood Smokehouse from the rest. Its hickory wood burning smoker runs 24 hours per day, seven days per week, serving only the best Texas-style barbecue to the Carolinas.

Led by Pitmaster Matt Barry and founder Frank Scibelli, who have traveled to Texas, Kansas City and across the Carolinas to hone the art and craft of real barbecue from experts around the country, Midwood Smokehouse strives to unify the nation’s barbecue greats. Recently, Pitmaster Michael Wagner moved from Texas, bringing an authentic flavor to Midwood Smokeshack.

Midwood Smokehouse is founded on the idea that barbecue is more than a cuisine, it’s a labor of love and a labor we love, day in and day out. Midwood Smokehouse rests on a foundation of quality, time honored traditions and a dedicated commitment to service. Follow the smoke to the heart of the neighborhood and discover Midwood Smokehouse where standards are high and barbecue is low and slow.

Midwood Smokehouse has one location in South Carolina and two locations in North Carolina, along with a fast-casual concept, Midwood Smokeshack.