NA Slice, a new restaurant specializing in authentic Italian cuisine, has officially opened its doors in the heart of historic Greenwich Village in New York City. Founded by Luigi Gallo, local Italian native and culinary visionary, NA Slice promises an unparalleled dining experience; focusing on quality ingredients, authenticity, and sustainability.


NA Slice transports diners to the streets of Napoli with an authentic taste of Italy in every bite. Nestled on Waverly Place in Greenwich Village, just a short walk from Washington Square Park and the NYU campus, this hidden gem offers a welcoming atmosphere and an immersive culinary experience that celebrates the essence of authentic Italian cuisine and traditional culture. The flagship location boasts a diverse and unique menu featuring over 20 different types of freshly prepared pizzas made from 48-hour fermented Neapolitan pizza dough, a variety of delicious pasta dishes, and Italian breakfast options, all available in both vegetarian and vegan versions.


Italian American owner, Luigi Gallo, has over 25 years of international culinary experience and is renowned as a leading international supplier of specialty Italian goods in New York. Mr. Gallo has spent years providing top Italian restaurants with premium ingredients sourced directly from his hometown of Napoli. His passion for Italian cuisine and respect to culture drives the success of his new restaurant.


NA Slice Key Offerings:


  • 100% Authentic Italian Ingredients: NA Slice meticulously selects and imports premium products and fresh ingredients directly from Italy. Each product is certified under DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin), ensuring the highest quality and authenticity of the cuisine.
  • Diverse Menu & Traditional Cuisine: Enjoy a wide variety of gourmet pizzas, fresh artisan pastas with savory sauces, hand-prepared meatballs, delicious calzones, and delectable breakfast pastries. Pair your meal with Neapolitan craft beer, all crafted to perfection using ancient Italian recipes.
  • Quality & Sustainability Commitment: By using eco-friendly packaging and locally sourced produce, NA Slice upholds an unwavering dedication to superior quality and sustainable practices to ensure the preservation of Italy’s culinary heritage.


NA Slice invites culinary enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike to experience the richness of Italian cuisine through its curated selection of premium products.


For more information and to explore NA Slice’s exquisite offerings, including menu items, weekly specials, and updates on the NYC location, please visit


About NA Slice:

Founded in 2023, NA Slice is a purveyor of fine Italian goods and a beloved Neapolitan pizza and pasta shop in the heart of New York City. It is dedicated to celebrating Italy’s rich culinary heritage while promoting sustainability and quality craftsmanship. Through partnerships with exceptional producers and a commitment to traditional cultivation methods, NA Slice offers a curated selection of premium products that embody the essence of an authentic Italian excellence.