Napa Technology Announces Strategic Relationship with EVEN Hotels

WineStation raises the bar; seamless integration of good wine and technology provides unique wine-by-the-glass experience for wellness-minded guests at EVEN Hotels

Napa Technology Announces Strategic Relationship with EVEN HotelsEVEN Hotels, the newest brand in the U.S. from IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), and Napa Technology, designer and manufacturer of intelligent preservation and dispensing systems for wine, today announced a relationship that will provide EVEN Hotels guests with a memorable wine-by-the-glass experience that’s delivered through the most advanced WineStation technology.

IHG sought out Napa Technology, established leaders in wine preservation with a proven track record in delivering complex software solutions, to play a role in launching their newest hotel concept, EVEN Hotels. A first of its kind, EVEN Hotels was designed to meet the demands of wellness-minded travelers. The EVEN Hotels Market & Bar will feature a fully integrated Micros PMS and POS platform, in which hotel guests will have the ability to use uniquely configured room keys and bracelets to unlock world-class wines from the WineStation, while the property can seamlessly track and process each transaction.

“The WineStation is more than a single tool in the chest for our operator partners, so it was exciting to be identified for this project,” says Richard Hardy, VP of Engineering for Napa Technology. “We had already developed single key solutions for both Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines, so having the opportunity to jointly find a solution utilizing the Micros Opera and Symphony platforms that would streamline the experience both for guest and the hotelier was a challenge right up our alley. The room key or RFID bracelet assigned to each guest will effortlessly track taste, half and full glass consumption and spend by room assignment, while offering a volume of product tracking and reporting for the EVEN Hotels operators.”

Utilizing the flexibility of the WineStation, EVEN Hotels properties will have the ability to position the four-bottle systems behind the bar for staff service or guest facing for an engaging self-service experience. In either configuration, the Napa Technology WineStation preservation and dispensing system facilitates a more effective and cost efficient management of wine inventory while delivering every glass of wine at the height of its quality profile.

Napa Technology Announces Strategic Relationship with EVEN Hotels“At EVEN Hotels, we aim to help our guests maintain their balance — in whatever way it means for them,” said Adam Glickman, head of EVEN TM Hotels. “For many, that means a nice glass of organic wine at the end of the day, to unwind and relax from the stresses of life. With the Napa Technology WineStation system, we can ensure our guests have a superior experience, enjoying their glass of wine as the vintner intended it to taste every time.”

About Napa Technology
Founded on a common passion for good wine, Napa Technology was formed in 2005 by Nick Moezidis, Morris Taradalsky and Jeffrey Brooks. The group combined decades of business and technology experience to create WineStation, a unique, cutting-edge product that changed the idea of simply serving wine to skillfully providing business solutions.

Napa Technology, LLC is a designer and manufacturer of intelligent dispensing systems for wine that ensure optimum freshness and memorable guest experiences, as well as to-the-ounce accuracy with each pour. The company’s breakthrough product, WineStation, drives revenue and maximizes the profitability of each bottle. Since 2005, foodservice operators have adopted WineStation as a new way to serve, preserve and capitalize on consumer interest and demand for good quality wines by the glass. For more information please visit

About WineStation
WineStation is the world’s first intelligence-based, automated, temperature-controlled wine dispensing and preservation system. The product delivers a “just opened” taste experience for up to 60 days once the bottle has been uncorked and provides product controls that maximize the profitability of each bottle.

In addition to maintaining the quality of each bottle of wine poured, the software that accompanies the WineStation allows businesses to track sales and to use that data to manage their wine program more effectively. The 60-day preservation and controlled pouring options increase speed of service and eliminate product waste due to over pouring and spoilage. Business owners can tailor their wine offerings to provide customer favorites while allowing them the opportunity to discover new wines by the glass that they wouldn’t otherwise consider and increase overall profitability.

About EVEN Hotels
EVEN Hotels, the newest brand from IHG, meets the large and growing demand for a hotel brand to help wellness-minded travelers keep their balance on the road at an affordable price point. An industry first, EVEN Hotels invites wellness on every journey by providing solutions for all aspects of travelers’ wellness needs. With an emphasis on four components, Eating Well, Resting Easy, Keeping Active and Accomplishing More, the brand serves as a travel partner, helping guests feel better about their experience and themselves based on the choices they are able to make.

The brand launched in 2012 and is expected to be a key pillar in the IHG portfolio of preferred brands and in the long term, a key driver in market share growth in the U.S. EVEN Hotels expects to open its first before the end of Q2 2014 and continue strategic development efforts in key markets including the Tri-state area, the Washington, D.C. area, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles. For more information, visit  and find EVEN Hotels on Twitter and Facebook.