nemaworkshop Brings Comfortable Style and a Pop of Color to Melt Shop’s Newest Location

nemaworkshop Brings Comfortable Style and a Pop of Color to Melt Shop’s Newest LocationWhen the owners of the Melt Shop brand found the location for its newest grilled cheese shop in Midtown, the company called on award-winning architecture and design firm nemaworkshop to design the casual space. Anurag Nema, principal of nemaworkshop, worked on the first Melt Shop location, and again, the firm was tapped to create a fun and relaxing dining experience for customers. The 1,500-square-foot space, which opened in January 2014, channels the look and feel of its sister locations while offering design elements inspired by the classic grilled cheese sandwich.

Melt Shop’s hand-crafted version of the classic/timeless sandwich is American nostalgia at its core, as delicious as it is comforting, and offers a neverending opportunity for variation. Spencer Rubin and Aurify Brands, the team behind Melt Shop, came up with the idea for a gourmet grilled cheese eatery in the middle of the burger craze, when burger joints were opening in force across the country. Starting out in a 300-square-foot kiosk, the first Melt Shop sizzled its way into Midtown Manhattan in 2011, with the goal to provide customers with the best grilled cheese in New York City.

nemaworkshop Brings Comfortable Style and a Pop of Color to Melt Shop’s Newest LocationWith a focus on artisanal ingredients and fresh-baked bread, the eatery quickly attracted a crowd. To establish more space and fulfill the popular demand, Melt Shop decided to open a second restaurant location, with additional grilled cheese options and much more seating. This latest Midtown Manhattan Melt Shop space is as familiar as the dish, but served with a twist.

The entrance of the space is marked by a giant illuminated spatula, calling attention to passersby. When guests enter the sandwich shop they are greeted by customized, bold, yellow-accented furnishings that run throughout the eatery. Guests can make their way past the seating area to the counter to order gourmet sandwiches and beverages. A long counter wraps the open kitchen composed of steel and American cheese-colored tiles, which set the entertaining tone for the space. With one wall covered in white tile, the opposite wall is clad in rough oak, adding a warm, rustic element to the space and highlighting the modern, yet casual atmosphere. As the final touch, Melt Shop provided display chalk boards that line the wooden walls and act as artwork for the space.

nemaworkshop Brings Comfortable Style and a Pop of Color to Melt Shop’s Newest LocationThis newest Melt Shop offers Midtown Manhattan diners customizable fare and stimulating decor to match. While the latest location is already cooking, Spencer Rubin plans to more eateries in New York City.

About nemaworkshop
Award-winning architecture and design studio nemaworkshop is a team of architects, designers, and thinkers who create spaces that are conceptually bold yet highly sensitive to cultural and social contexts. Firm principal Anurag Nema founded New York-based nemaworkshop in 2004, and the firm has since become a leader specializing in hotel, restaurant, residential, retail and brand design. The studio has many projects in the works including the upcoming W Mexico City and a concept for a new hotel property in Shenzhen, China. Notable projects include the W New Orleans – French Quarter, The Smith, Cafeteria, D’espresso, Delicatessen, and Toby’s Estate.

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