Nevada Vegans Are Finding New Ways To Stay Connected

Sin City might have a new nickname — “Las Vegan.” The Silver State is consistently adding more vegan restaurants and resources to its dining repertoire, with no end in sight. From websites to festivals, vegans in cities like Las Vegas, Henderson and Reno are stepping up to make their communities more welcoming and robust for those who prefer plant-based diets. There’s never been a better time to be a vegan in Nevada!

Online Vegan Communities
In true 21st century fashion, Nevada’s vegans are turning to the internet to stay connected and share resources. With a tongue-in-cheek name, website is leading the way, featuring spots to find vegan meals in Las Vegas. The restaurants highlighted must serve at least three vegan plate options, not including salads. For diners in Reno, Sparks and North Nevada, provides chances for vegans, vegetarians and the veg-curious to learn more about adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

Sites like these, along with social media pages, allow vegans with similar lifestyles to connect and collaborate. Some even claim that Las Vegas now offers more vegan education and dining options than Los Angeles. Regardless, Nevada is certainly making strides in making itself a vegan-friendly state.

Getting Together Across The State
For the last five years, vegans have gathered to celebrate their diets at the annual Vegas VegFest event. This year’s VegFest is scheduled for September at the Clark County Amphitheater. Each year, the event is an opportunity for vegan restaurants and businesses from around the state to showcase their products and services. People travel from across the country to sample vegan items and learn more about what it means to avoid eating meat and animal byproducts, putting Nevada on the vegan map.

Cities across the state are also expanding vegan shopping and retail options, with many hosting regular meet-up events for patrons. When vegans meet in person, it helps the community grow stronger and stay connected. From farmer’s markets to book clubs, vegans in Nevada are in no shortage of encouragement and from their peers.

Are you a Nevada vegan small business owner? Here are our top recommendations to set yourself up for success:

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