New flavor: Rhubarb Gose from Sonoma Cider


New “Limited Run” varietal makes its debut June 2016

New flavor: Rhubarb Gose from Sonoma CiderSonoma Cider, the award-winning producer of such innovative hard ciders as the The Hatchet, The Pitchfork, The Anvil, and The Washboard, is adding a new limited run flavor to its portfolio, The Wimble, marking the company’s second cider to be available in a can. Set to launch this June, this cider is a twist on Gose – an old German-style beer that is traditionally sour and briny – with a lingering, and addicting, harmonic tartness from notes of rhubarb and apple.

Founded in 2013 by a father-son team, David and Robert Cordtz, Sonoma Cider has been rapidly gaining a reputation in the hard cider industry, and overall beverage world, for its certified organic ingredients and distinctive flavors. Sonoma Cider has been earning high praise from critics and consumers alike, and has been a staple in the winner’s circle at various top competitions across the country, including being named the 2015 Cider Producer of the Year at the New York International Beer Competition. In addition, The Wimble was recently awarded a Silver GLINTCAP in the Specialty Cider and Perry category.New flavor: Rhubarb Gose from Sonoma Cider

Sonoma Cider’s The Wimble is part of the brand’s “Limited Run” series, a collection of unique flavors that express the team’s creativity and inventive nature. Organic Pacific Northwest apples from Yakima Valley are combined with organic red rhubarb juice and sea salt to create this cider, complete with a tart acidity and slight saltiness that leaves you wanting more. The flavors of The Wimble make it the perfect complement to Cajun cuisine, BBQ ribs and spicy Thai dishes – and because it is produced in a can, this cider makes the ideal companion for outdoor adventures. The Wimble is available in 12-ounce can 4-packs, 5.16 gallon kegs and 15.5 gallon kegs. Alcohol by volume is 5.5%.

Sonoma Cider offers four, award-winning “Core Ciders” which are available year-round. This includes the signature, apple cider “The Hatchet,” pear-based “The Pitchfork,” bourbon-flavored “The Anvil”, and sarsaparilla-vanilla “The Washboard”. Sonoma Cider also offers additional flavors through their “Limited Run” series and “Cidermaker Reserve” series.

Hard Cider has experienced around a 10 percent increase from 2014 to 2015, making it a segment in the beverage industry to keep an eye on. Today, the majority of the country’s larger distributors have now added at least one cider brand to their portfolio. In 2015, Sonoma Cider produced over 100,000 cases in and show no signs of slowing down in 2016. Overall, if cider sales continue to grow at a 10 percent pace, the total number of cases sold in the U.S. will be more than 31.1 million in 2016. (Source: NBWA)

Sonoma Cider’s main line of products are available at retail liquor stores, supermarkets and natural foods stores in most key U.S. markets. For more information and a list of retailers, please visit

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Sonoma Cider handcrafts the only full line of organic ciders in the U.S., each made with distinctive, all natural, gluten-free ingredients. Sonoma Ciders are produced from freshly squeezed, organic apples in micro batches to deliver intensity of flavor and a refined experience for this rapidly growing category. The company was founded in 2013 by 20-year veteran cidermaster, David Cordtz, with his son and co-founder, Robert Cordtz. Together they combine decades of industry expertise with next generation dynamism. Learn more at