New Head Chef Joins Wahoo’s Fish Taco

 New Head Chef Joins Wahoo’s Fish TacoWahoo’s Fish Taco, a community mainstay and worldwide pop culture phenomenon since 1988, today announced Chef Raymond Martin has joined as new head chef for Wahoo’s more than 60 restaurants. Martin will work in partnership with Wahoo’s co-founder, Wing Lam, to explore food trends and create new recipes for Wahoo’s fans and loyal customers. With the new recipes, Lam and Martin are looking to tap into their creative skills to complement Wahoo’s distinct signature menu items and flavors including charbroiled or spicy marinated fish, chicken, steak, and tofu fillings in tacos, burritos, bowls, salads and more.

“Wahoo’s has always been about incorporating diverse cultures and flavors to produce the tastiest recipes,” said Lam. “Bringing Chef Martin on board – with his stellar culinary credentials, creativity and Ohana spirit – was a bold move. By infusing his style with Wahoo’s signature recipes, we plan to tap into the latest food trends and possibly introduce new recipes that will ride a Wave of New Creations.”

Martin, a classically trained chef, studied at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. He has held the role of executive chef and other kitchen leadership positions at The Cheesecake Factory, The Original Fish Co., El Torito Corporation and Trader Vic’s San Francisco. Most recently, he served as vice president of culinary development and corporate executive chef for BJ’s Restaurants Inc. Garnering more than 40 years of experience in foodservice, Martin has received multiple national and local awards for his cooking and kitchen leadership.

New Head Chef Joins Wahoo’s Fish TacoThe first batch of new menu items for Wahoo’s fans to enjoy include the “Son of Classic,” a burrito that includes beans (black or spicy white), Wahoo’s signature Citrus slaw and a new roasted red chile salsa and the “Kale Kai Salad,” which includes kale, a black bean corn salsa and a choice of any protein. In addition to these items are Cajun Fries and a new roasted red chile salsa perfect for chips. All items are now available at most Wahoo’s locations.


About Wahoo’s Fish Taco:

Founded by brothers Wing Lam, Ed Lee and Mingo Lee, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, a community mainstay and worldwide pop culture phenomenon, has been serving up its eclectic Mexican-Brazilian-Asian menu since 1988. Celebrated for its fresh food, pro-athlete support and charity involvement, Wahoo’s is recognized across multiple states for its sticker-covered walls. During the past two decades, the restaurant chain has grown to include more than 60 locations throughout California, Colorado, Texas, Hawaii, Nevada and Nebraska. To learn more about Wahoo’s Fish Taco, please visit