COCOZIA Coconut Water Hits the Shelves of Whole Foods Market Chain Stores in Florida

COCOZIA Coconut Water Hits the Shelves of Whole Foods Market Chain Stores in FloridaEpicurex makes COCOZIA® coconut water available in Whole Foods Market Chain Stores in Florida to

help more people enjoy a happier, healthier and organic life.

Committed to providing its customers with organic goodness all-year round, Epicurex is proud of the

success that COCOZIA® has garnered and hope more people will enjoy the 100% organic and hydrating

coconut drink.

Epicurex has always given its customers only the best. Ever since the launch of COCOZIA® in 2013, the

product has made quite a name for itself and has become a prominent coconut drink in Florida.

“We are excited about COCOZIA’s market growth and we are proud to have Whole Foods Market

helping us expand our reach. This will enable us to move forward into the future and deliver on our

promises of natural goodness and good wholesome value.

“Our customers are our core value and it is their need for a healthier environment and future that drives

us. By putting COCOZIA® on the shelves of Whole Foods market, we can help them enjoy a refreshing

and hydrating drink – that’s not only healthy, but very tasty as well.”

Whole Foods Market is one of the largest growing whole food retailers in America today. With a passion

for sustainable agriculture and a commitment to their customers’ growing organic needs, Whole Foods

Market provides its customers with a fun and healthy shopping experience.

“Whole Foods Market is a chain of stores that believes in the goodness of natural and organic products,

just like Epicurex does. Besides, working with Whole Foods Market, we can continue our appearances

across large and well-known outlets”.

COCOZIA Coconut Water Hits the Shelves of Whole Foods Market Chain Stores in FloridaABOUT Epicurex LLC

Epicurex LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of organic foods and beverages. The company focuses on

bringing unique and organic products to its customers, all while providing only top grade products that

taste great and significantly contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

About Whole Foods Market

Founded in 1980, Whole Foods Market has come a long way from helping residents of Austin, Texas

choose healthy food to helping residents of the world enjoy a healthy and fun life and shopping

experience in over 360 stores. Committed to providing only natural food and beverages, Whole Foods

Market is the choice for millions of consumers who choose a healthy lifestyle.