NEW PERDUE Chicken Plus Campaign Features Real Kids Eating AND ENJOYING Veggies

PERDUE® has launched a new, national 360-degree marketing campaign to spotlight the brand’s new product line of CHICKEN PLUSTM nuggets, tenders, and patties blended with a 1/4 cup of vegetables hidden in each serving.

Airing nationally, the campaign’s TV commercials star Ryan and Chris Perdue, part of the fourth generation of Perdues working in the family business, their father, company Chairman Jim Perdue, and a cafeteria full of non-actor students at Castle Heights Elementary School in Los Angeles, California.

As the Perdues pass out CHICKEN PLUSTM nuggets and lead the students through a series of questions about their lunch, the hidden-camera style commercials capture the kids’ resounding delight toward chicken nuggets and shared surprise for vegetables as they learn some are inside the nuggets.

“The genuine reactions of the kids enjoying the nuggets in these commercials is proof for us that they didn’t notice anything different compared to the nuggets they already love. Our R&D and Operations teams really nailed it,” said Perdue Farms chief marketing officer Eric Christianson. “With many brands entering the meatless, alternative, or plant-based protein space right now, PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUSTM is combining the chicken that kids already love with the vegetable nutrition they need. We’re tremendously confident in this product line, which is why we’re putting a significant chunk of our marketing budget behind promoting it through this new, integrated campaign.”

“What is important to our consumers is important to us. In my own family, I see the challenges that my kids have getting my grandchildren to eat a well-balanced diet. We know that parents need help getting their kids to eat more veggies. Creating these blended products is just one of the ways we continue to offer solutions to the parents who trust us with their mealtimes,” said Jim Perdue. “As we approach our company’s 100th anniversary, we’re as committed as ever to exceeding expectations with quality products that meet the needs of families today.”

The new PERDUE® CHICKEN PLUSTM integrated marketing campaign is supported by TV, online video, print advertising, PR, social media, shopper marketing, and more.

View the new :15 Second Commercial and :30 Second Commercial, and learn more about Perdue Farms’ commitment to quality and innovation.

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