New Visual Identity for Ready Pac Foods

New Visual Identity for Ready Pac FoodsReady Pac Foods Evolves Brand Visual Identity

New Logo Design More Clearly Represents Ready Pac’s Fresh, Innovative Offerings 

Irwindale, Calif. (AUGUST 21, 2015) – For the first time in more than a decade, Ready Pac Foods introduces a new official corporate visual identity. The new logo is the first step in the brand’s company-wide transformation and alignment with its brand values of being the most innovative fresh food company. Customers will begin seeing the new brand identity immediately in Ready Pac’s online presence with product packaging, vehicles and other assets rebranding in the coming months. New notable characteristics include a new font for the brand, a more defined green leaf and the addition of the word, “foods.” The use of white space, creative use of black and a clearer leaf logo denote crisp freshness and more taste appeal.

The new visual identity reflects the brand’s focus on innovative, fresh and forward-thinking offerings as it continues to meet growing consumer demand for healthier and indulgent on-the-go produce and snack options. More than simply a redesign, the new logo highlights an evolution for the 46-year-old company as it continues to grow and expand its affordable fresh food offerings.

“The fresh and new aesthetic of the design truly speaks to where Ready Pac is as a company today,” said Tony Sarsam, CEO of Ready Pac Foods. “We feel this is the right time to evolve our logo and represent of our brand focus of giving people the freedom to eat healthier.”

Within the past year, Ready Pac Foods has unveiled a number of new products across its portfolio, including new Wrap Kits, Organic and Chopped Salads across its popular Bistro® Bowl™ line. The brand has also introduced new Snack Cup offerings as part of the Ready Snax line, which offers a variety of low-calorie, on-the-go snack solutions. To learn more about Ready Pac® Foods, visit