Organic Food Labeling – New Amendment Needs Support

New Amendment on Organic Food Labeling Needs Immediate Support for Improved Animal Welfare

Egg Innovations Backs New Proposed Rules for USDA Organic and Asks All Consumers to Post Comments in Active Support

Organic Food Labeling – New Amendment Needs SupportEgg Innovations, the nation’s leader in Free Range and Pasture Raised egg production, encourages all consumers and industry peers to express their support by commenting on the newest proposal from USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.  The opportunity to comment online is available until June 13 at 11:59 pm EST.

“We want the USDA to hear the continued groundswell of demand for more humane and ethical treatment of animals,” said John Brunnquell, founder and president of Egg Innovations and the Blue Sky Family Farms brand and president of the Organic Egg Farmers of America.  “We certainly do not want factory farming’s deep pockets to drive this effort or delay the agency from making the right decision.”

The decision is an important one: The ruling abolishes the option of organic cage free eggs, which is a misleading term in the egg industry. The proposal would amend the organic livestock and poultry production requirements by adding new provisions for handling, transporting and ultimately improving the living conditions.  It also gives more uniform and verifiable standards for humane treatment while closing down “outside access” loopholes.

“We believe strongly in hens being outside on grass under open skies. Consumers deserve to know that the coveted ‘organic’ seal is a symbol of trust and quality when it comes to animal welfare,” added Brunnquell.

Egg Innovations will take a strong stance until June 13 asking consumers to comment and share their support of the organic livestock and poultry practices online and will engage with consumers on social media with hashtag #LetsTalkOrganic.

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