Original Sunshine is pioneering a new portfolio of gluten-free products for top bagel shops, bakeries, restaurants and cafes across the country. With taste, texture, ingredient transparency and regenerative, sustainable agriculture at its heart, the brand is reimagining America’s favorite wheat-based goods in its line of delicious gluten-free products, starting with bagels.

Original Sunshine Redefines Classics with Gluten-Free Product Line

With gluten-free options appearing on over a quarter of restaurant menus and over a third of Americans opting for gluten free (and growing), Original Sunshine is giving restaurants something their customers have always dreamed of – the perfect chewy, delicious New York style wheat-based bagel without gluten, harmful herbicides, pesticides, or GMOs. There is nothing dry, crumbly, disappointing or “alternative” about these bagels.

Original Sunshine comes from Brad Kent, a world renowned food scientist, restaurateur and chef for over three decades, specializing in flour and dough-based products; David Cohen, co-founder of Dream Pops and avid lover of CPG; Rima Barkett, chef, entrepreneur and cookbook author; and Ethan Solouki, a creative who has worked in branding for restaurants from coast to coast.

“Original Sunshine is an option for everyone that is not just better for you, but for the planet too. We are changing the game, bringing to market the first deliciously chewy, purely joyful gluten free bagel without the compromise,” said David Cohen, Original Sunshine co-founder. “This may be the best bagel you have ever tasted, period.”

The Original Sunshine bagel is made with a unique glyphosate-free wheat-based flour blend that has been naturally deglutenized, leaving the same great taste, texture and versatility of the most loved traditional wheat-based bagels – a blend made with sustainable ingredients, Regenerative heritage grains and fiber. Original Sunshine also meets and surpasses the FDA’s suggestions for a diet containing a maximum of 20 parts per million of gluten, making the bagels Celiac safe.

“We have embraced cutting-edge food science to innovate a gluten free bagel with the texture and experience of the most legendary bagels out there,”said Brad Kent, co-founder of Original Sunshine. “We’ve spent years refining and perfecting a process that allows us to remove gluten proteins from wheat, and the final product is a delicious, bready textured gluten-free bagel.”

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Original Sunshine bagels can be found at over seventy restaurants, cafes and bakeries with cult-followings that are known for award-winning culinary experiences, including Tompkin’s Square Bagels, Yeastie Boys, Wexler’s Deli, Utopia Bagels of New York, Black Seed Bagels, Russ & Daughters, Erewhon, Pura Vida Miami and more, with others on the way.

Original Sunshine bagels are gluten free, glyphosate free, non GMO, dairy free, soy free, vegan and made from heritage grains. Learn more about the gluten-free goods of tomorrow at www.originalsunshine.com.

A restoration of a restaurant, bakery, and cafe staple! Say hello to Original Sunshine, the brand who has pioneered a gluten-free flour, made from non-GMO wheat, Regenerative whole grains and fiber, making delicious, chewy bagels possible for everyone to enjoy again! Original Sunshine bagels can be found at famed bakeries, bagel shops, cafes and restaurants across the nation.