Pack the Perfect Lunch

The dog is barking, the baby is crying, kids are fighting and backpacks are no-where in site … sound familiar?  The mayhem of school mornings can send you flying last-minute through your cupboards and fridge in hopes of finding something to pack in your child’s brown bag before they hit the sidewalk (this is coming from someone who received a can of sardines a time or two).

The below products make preparing nutritious and delicious lunches for your family easy and affordable so you aren’t frantically searching the cabinet or driving to the grocery store  for last minute options. Please let me know if you would like high-res images or more information on these or other products – happy to provide!

·         T-fal Balanced Living Yogurt Maker
Skip sugary yogurts and extravagant price tags with the T-fal Balanced Living Yogurt Maker, which features seven glass jars with lids along with adjustable date codes.  With just milk and a yogurt starter, you can make your own yogurt so it is grab-n-go ready during mornings of mayhem.  $39.99

·         T-fal Balanced Living Bread Maker –
Does the breadbox almost always seem to be empty? Ditch endless trips to the super market  and create healthier sandwiches your family will enjoy with the T-fal Balanced Living Break Maker. Create twelve different kinds of bread to stock in your cupboards including basic, whole wheat, French, gluten free and sweet with just a touch of a button. $99.99

·         Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker
Prep salads the night before without fear of soggy greens with the Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker. Dressing is stored in a separate dispenser so lettuce is always crisp, and utensils fit perfectly into a compartment lunches are literally at your fingertips. $8.00

·         T-fal Balanced Living Juice Extractor –

Juice boxes can be loaded with sugary ingredients and calories, plus, they are about $2.00 a piece! With the T-fal Balanced Living Juice Extractor, you can create a 1.2 liter pitcher of tasty fruit and veggie drinks for a fraction of the price. Juices can be easily poured into reusable containers for a perfect beverage for lunchtime meals. $79.99