Honey Badger Beer Delights Guests

As temperatures in the Chicagoland area hit record highs, few things are more refreshing than the taste of a cool, crisp summer beer. With that in mind, Lincolnshire Marriott Resort has teamed up with the experts at Lake Bluff Brewery to create a signature Honey Badger Beer, brewed to perfection with a hint of sweetness. Available on tap at Brew Lobby Restaurant and Bar, this unique micro-brew is a must-try for beer enthusiasts everywhere.

Honey Badger beer is an easy-drinking golden ale brewed with honey sourced directly from Lincolnshire Marriott Resort’s on-property bee hives. The sweetness of Marriott’s honey is combined with Caramel, Munich & Vienna Malts, and balanced with three hop varieties, resulting in a smooth, clean finish. With 5 percent alcohol by volume and 21 IBUs (International Bitterness Units), Honey Badger beer is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day! In addition to using honey sourced from on-property bee hives, the hops used in the resort’s signature Honey Badger beer have been planted on Lincolnshire Marriott’s farm with hopes of being used in the future production of the brew.

“We’re proud of this unique brew and are happy to have Lake Bluff Brewery’s expertise,” says Executive Chef Joe Plucinski. “Using our own honey (and in the future, our own hops) and pairing up with a local brewery is just another great way for our guests to experience our commitment to a fresh, local food and beverage program.”