On the heels of the highly successful launch of super-premium Ron Izalco 10 Year Old Rum, Phenomenal Spirits is thrilled to announce the debut of ultra-premium Ron Izalco 15 Year aged, 110.6 Proof, Cask Strength, No Sugar, No Additive expression. Ron Izalco 15 Year Cask Strength is an unparalleled blend of Central America’s most exquisite rums that have been straight aged a minimum of 15 years in ex-bourbon barrels. It is the only cask strength, non-solera aged, Spanish-style rum crafted with no sugars or additives providing a singular and exceptional offering to rum connoisseurs, purists and cask strength brown spirits enthusiasts alike.


Phenomenal Spirits Founder & CEO, Karthik Sudhir commented, “High-end spirits and rum connoisseurs are eager for new expressions that are complex yet beautifully balanced, full-bodied and made with no sugar and no additives. We developed Ron Izalco 15 Year Old Cask Strength to provide a more pure and authentic drinking experience specifically with these consumers in mind.”


Ron Izalco 15 Year Old Cask Strength first greets the drinker’s eyes with its iridescent display of dark amber tones adorned with fiery ruby hues. Examined closer, the cask strength and high congener character entice the nose with an array of intensely fruity aromas, evoking memories of finely aged bourbon or single malt whisky but presented in the warm context of a full-bodied rum. On the palate, the complexity increases even more, revealing a rich layer of soft tannins, baked pineapple and several layers of spices. The flavors dance elegantly with the taste buds, yielding a rewarding experience that lingers extensively. Sudhir added, “Ron Izalco 15 Year Old is generous and intense offering the ultimate satisfaction for the true rum aficionado. It is made to be sipped, savored and shared.”


Founded in 2017 by Karthik Sudhir, Phenomenal Spirits mission is to invoke phenomenal moments for phenomenal people through handcrafted, authentic and exceptionally high-quality spirits. To accomplish this mission, Sudhir and his team are focused on identifying unfulfilled opportunities in the spirits category and developing exceptional spirits to fill those gaps. The journey began with Ron Izalco 10 Year Old and is now followed with Ron Izalco 15 Year Old Cask Strength.


Sudhir added, “At Phenomenal Spirits, we are on a very focused mission to create exceptionally high-quality spirits. We have invested in building our own blending facility to achieve scale and operational efficiency and we control the quality and consistency of our products along with all aspects of product development. We have created something quite extraordinary and unrivaled in the Rum category with Ron Izalco 15 Year Old Cask Strength and are eager to share it with the world.”


Ron Izalco 15 Year Cask Strength sells for a suggested retail price of $79.99/750ml and is allocated based on limited production. Ron Izalco 10 Year Old at $55/750ml is currently available in Connecticut through Brescome Barton, in Washington DC, Maryland and Delaware through Lanterna Distributors, in California through Liberation Distribution (LibDib), Mississippi through Mad Vines and Spirits, Illinois through SpiritHub and shipped to 28 states through Curiada’s E-Commerce platform.


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