PowerSoul Cafe, the world’s first certified gluten-free fast-food restaurant chain, has confirmed new grand opening dates for its first three locations, all serving healthy fast food and smoothies, 24-hours a day.


In mid-January, Las Vegas-based entrepreneur Dina Mitchell announced a delay in the planned opening dates and is now announcing the new opening schedule as follows:


The flagship and central kitchen at 8180 W. Warm Springs Rd. (at Tarkanian Plaza) will open on Friday, March 1. The location at 3501 S. Valley View Blvd. in Chinatown will open on Friday, March 15. And, the first Henderson location will open at 1469 E. Lake Mead Pkwy. (at the Monument at Calico Ridge) in May.


To celebrate the grand opening of the first store (W. Warm Springs) and to offer customers the opportunity to enjoy several menu items, from March 1-7, PowerSoul Café™ will offer free smoothies and food (offerings will vary daily) to customers who donate $1 or more to Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada. Also, free wheat allergy testing will be available on Saturday, March 2 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., through a partnership with Summit Integrated Health.


The grand opening celebrations will continue at each individual location (S. Valley View, March 15-21, 2024 and E. Lake Mead Pkwy, May date TBD), offering free smoothies and food to customers who make the $1 or more donation to Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada. Special thanks to the following vendors for supplying product for the free smoothies and food during the grand opening weeks: Orlando Foods and Caputo, Patagonia Foods, Ambriola, Dole and Daring.


“Right at the finish line we learned of obstacles that would prevent us from opening in mid-January. Delaying is not ideal, but I want to do this correctly and I promise the wait will be worth it,” said Mitchell, founder of PowerSoul Café™. “I’ve heard from a few people ‘Are you really opening?’ And the answer is ‘YES!’ We’re filling a true void in quick service options and I’m excited to serve our food to so many people who have reached out to us on social media to let us know they’re ready.”


PowerSoul Café™ is NOW HIRING, accepting applications to hire 120 employees for three locations and the central kitchen. Applications and details available at www.powersoulcafe.com/careers.


The flagship and the largest site on W. Warm Springs Rd., will feature an AI drive-thru solution – produced by The Howard Company and Partech – self-serve AI pickup lockers produced by ONDO, and a walk-up window. The PowerSoul Cafe™ kitchen will be double-certified gluten-free, and all locations and employees will be certified gluten-free.


The S. Valley View Blvd. site will span 1,000 sq. ft. and will feature a walk-up window and self-serve AI pickup lockers.


The E. Lake Mead Pkwy. (at the Monument at Calico Ridge) location will have a 1,200 sq. ft. footprint, featuring an AI drive-thru solution, self-serve AI pickup lockers, and a walk-up window.


PowerSoul Cafe™ stores will operate 24-hours and will range in size from 500 to 1250 square feet with various footprints, including: drive thru, inline, PODs, casino, sporting arenas and airports. The endeavor anticipates a minimum of 100 stores and thousands of jobs nationwide over the five years.


Ordering will be made easy with the ability to place and pay for orders via smartphone, website, and scanning a QR code, which will first direct customers to PowerSoul Cafe’s™ “Discover My Power™” tool, a function that can filter menu options and recommendations based on individual dietary goals, flavor preferences, and allergies. Then, offering what Mitchell has coined as ‘Fearless Dining™, guests can schedule pickup times to retrieve orders through self-serve smart food lockers and walk-up windows, with many sites including a drive-thru window.


Mitchell, a longtime Nevada-based entrepreneur, popularized Tropical Smoothie Café’s brand from 2000 to 2014 all along the West Coast.


Menus, additional location details and more information about PowerSoul Cafe™ can be found at www.PowerSoulCafe.com.


About PowerSoul Café

Established in 2021, PowerSoul Cafe™ is the world’s first certified gluten-free, fast-food restaurant chain, with vegan and keto options, and real fruit-blended smoothies available 24-hours a day. With a mission to give back to its communities, PowerSoul Cafe™ offers guests with easy options to contribute to Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada (BGCSNV) to providing employees with healthy fulfilling work environments, competitive benefits, and paid volunteer opportunities at BGCSNV. For more information, visit PowerSoulCafe.com.