Pucker Up With BeatBox Beverages — The Perfect Galentine’s Day Pink Party Punch

This Galentine’s Day, surprise your girlfriends with the ultimate bonding beverage for good vibes, and guilt free engagement. Get ready to pucker up as BeatBox Beverages are low in sugar, 100% resealable, low carbs at 6g, eco friendly, non carbonated, and low in calories. Available in multiple flavors plus their multi flavor party pack, it is the perfect drink for a girls’ night celebration, so shower your besties with love, and party punch! The Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade Punch and Watermelon Punch are right on theme with their pink packaging, for the ideal Instagram moments. Their boxed drink singles also play into a fun “single” theme for those anti-Vday mingling parties. (www.beatboxbeverages.com)

The three highlighted flavors for Galentine’s Day fun with your girlfriends, besties and loved ones include:

Fruit Punch – 11.1% ABV Party Punch

Prepare to be hit by a flavor tsunami with our Fruit Punch “Party Punch”! This exciting blend of tropical fruit flavors will have your taste buds doing the cha-cha-cha. At 11.1% ABV, it has a bold and nostalgic flavor that packs a punch.

Fresh Watermelon – 11.1% ABV Party Punch

Dive into a juicy oasis with our Fresh Watermelon “Party Punch”! This delicious flavor bursts with the taste of fresh, sun-kissed watermelons. With an ABV of 11.1%, it’s the ultimate kick back and chill party drink!

Pink Lemonade Punch – 11.1% ABV Party Punch

Get ready to pucker up for our Pink Lemonade “Party Punch”! This zesty pink concoction packs a punch with a delightful fusion of tangy lemons and a little bit of sweet mischief. With an ABV of 11.1%, it’s like a lemonade stand for adults. Sip, savor, and let the party begin!

Available for purchase nationwide, retailers such as 7 Eleven, Total Wine, Target, Kroger, HEB, Rite Aid, Drizzly App, GoPuff, Instacart and local convenience stores in pretty much every U.S. town and city. The Variety Pack retails at $19.99 with the flavors at approximately $3.99 each.

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