Ramar Foods All-Natural Filipino Cuisine Unveils Three New SKUS and Packaging

Ramar Foods All-Natural Filipino Cuisine Unveils Three New SKUS and PackagingFood lovers and culinary adventurers looking for new flavors and authentic tastes rejoice with ethnic food popularity at an all time high. Wall Street Journal calls the trend “comfort food gone global,” whereby chefs and foodies alike seek to push the envelope of “comfort cuisine” to distant culinary regions of the world. Ramar Foods (www.RamarFoods.com <http://www.RamarFoods.com> ) shares a culinary journey through the flavor of the Philippines with the Kusina line of healthy, heat-and-serve entrees including new Chicken Sisig, Pork Adobo and Chicken Empanada, all in new eye-catching packaging.

Filipino cuisine can be described as a fusion of indigenous, Southeast Asian, Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, and the U.S.[1] <#_ftn1>  Although Filipino culture has quite a few native dishes, it also benefits from the influence of other cultures. Ramar Foods captures this diverse palate of flavors through time honored family recipes in dishes that can double as entrees or appetizers, made with all natural and low fat ingredients with no MSG, preservatives, or trans-fats.

Ramar introduces three new delicious dishes to its popular Kusina line for a convenient exploration of Filipino cuisine.

Chicken Sisig

Sisig is an example of a Filipinio “pulutan” – hearty, spicy and slightly tangy snacks served during celebrations. Start a party with Kusina’s delectable interpretation of Chicken Sisig, featuring the bright tastes of malt vinegar and lemon for delicious punch of flavor. Steamed rice makes it an exotic main dish to spice up any evening! (All Natural, Low Fat, Gluten Free)

Traditional Pork Adobo

Food connoisseurs worldwide study the secrets of the Philippine’s tastiest pork recipes – with the Adobo cooking style as the most well-known example. A fusion of Moroccan influence with an Asian twist, Kusina Adobo features lean, skillet-seasoned pork marinated in a tangy blend of vinegar, garlic, soy sauce and black pepper for an irresistible entree over steamed rice. (All Natural, Low Fat, Gluten Free)

Chicken Empanadas
Spanish settlers brought their delectable empanadas to the Philippines, enhancing them with fresh, local ingredients. Ramar Foods’ Chicken Empanadas perfect this fusion with a tender baked (not fried) crust and a savory/sweet filling that features antibiotic-free chicken, raisins and vegetables with an artful blend of enlivening spices. Ideal for the lunchbox or an anytime snack! (All Natural, Low Fat, Baked)

About Ramar Foods International
Ramar Foods International is the leading producer of Filipino foods in the United States with eight gourmet brands and over 100 products offering a comprehensive experience of The Flavor of the Philippines. The line of premium brands began in 1969, when Maria and Ramon Quesada created a small family business known as Orientex, and began selling Filipino handicrafts. Today, Ramar Foods International manufactures in California and Hawaii including the brands: Orientex, Magnolia, Frescano, Pampagna’s Best, Manila Gold, Bestaste, Turo-Turo Gourmet and Kusina. Ramar Foods International is recognized as an industry leader through over 40 years of experience using the highest quality ingredients and time-tested family recipes; as well as for pioneering the Filipino Food Movement. With distribution in national, specialty, and Asian grocers nationwide, Ramar Foods International’s family business continues to serve as a destination to The Flavor of the Philippines in home kitchens across America daily. For more information about Ramar Foods, visit (www.RamarFoods.com <http://www.RamarFoods.com> ).

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