Rarepizzas.com plans to serve over 1,000,000 pizza slices in what will be the world’s biggest pizza party ever, and we’re all invited!

The first edible NFT (Non-Fungible Token) will support local pizza shops, artists and hungry people with proceeds from 10,000 digital NFT pizza sales.

[March 14, 2021] Built on the premise that pizza is the most beloved food in the world, the team at RarePizzas.com plans to use the proceeds from their NFT sale (digital art) to spread that love in a BIG way. RarePizzas.com is releasing the first ‘edible NFT’ in what they are calling the “art to food pipeline.” Join them on May 22, 2021, which in the crypto world is known as “Bitcoin Pizza Day.” On this date, Rarepizzas.com will be buying over 100,000 pizzas for hungry pizza lovers worldwide, using the proceeds from the sale of their 10,000 unique generative art NFT pizzas.

Thousands of pizza shops worldwide will benefit greatly via the much-needed extra pizza sales, and hungry pizza lovers will be fed. Like everyone’s favorite Pizzaiolos, who have turned pizza into an art form, the 300+ artists have contributed their unique digital toppings to power the Rarepizzas.com NFTs. The beautiful work will provide the NFT buyers with an exciting surprise: a beautiful digital pizza, while pizza lovers enjoy real pizza. Join the movement and grab a delicious slice of the future!

“Like everyone, we love pizza. It’s universally loved around the world. Through our mission, we intend to prove that through the great power of community expressed through art & pizza, we will make a huge difference in the world. In this challenging time for the hospitality industry and humanity, we want to see everyone succeed and thrive for years to come. As artists, creators, pizzaiolos, collectors, and plain old pizza lovers, this is a project of pure pizza passion!” said RarePizzas.com.

Hungry? Grab your pizza reservation or onboard your local pizza place by heading over to Rarepizzas.com. For additional information or press inquiries, please email hello@rarepizzas.com