With June temps already soaring and summer just ahead, the time is now to create the ultimate home-bar set-up for the season’s much anticipated entertaining.


It’s no secret, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on consumer spending and behavior. According to, over 76% of homeowners in the US carried out at least one home improvement project with 61% engaging in some type of outdoor patio, porch, deck or garden renovation[1].


Couple this with Drizly’s findings that even as more COVID restrictions are lifted and states reopen, those who had become accustomed to imbibing more frequently at home are likely to keep at it and 54% say they plan to mix it up by making more cocktails[2]. What does this mean? It means that folks will be drinking and entertaining in style, in- and outdoor at home more than ever before. To get it right, Regatta wants to up the at-home entertainment game by helping hosts create the ultimate bar that covers all the bases.


Start with a selection of the season’s favorite spirits – vodka, gin, tequila – to have at the ready for quick cocktail mixing. Gather your sturdy yet stylish glassware, coolers, ice tubs and bar tools and have on hand a range of summer’s finest fruits, veggies, herbs and mini umbrellas to add flavor, color and fun to the mix. Finally, stock up on the full range of award-winning, American-made Regatta Craft mixers – the mixer meticulously crafted specifically with the cocktail in mind.


Regatta Craft Mixers CEO Sam Zarou commented, “We created our full line of premium mixers to make it easier for people to make better tasting cocktails wherever they are. But there’s more… we are so passionate about outdoor life that we created our mixers in sustainable packaging that people can mix and enjoy on the porch, patio, deck or just about anywhere the adventure takes them. Stock your outdoor bar and elevate your summer entertaining by serving easy-to-make refreshing cocktails made with Regatta Craft Mixers.”


A few summertime favorites include:

Regatta Summer Mule:



2 oz. vodka

6 oz. Regatta Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer

Squeeze of fresh lime


Fill a mule mug with ice. Squeeze and drop in the lime wedge. Add vodka and ginger beer and enjoy!


Summer Variation:

  • Muddle fresh raspberries, blackberries or blueberries with mint in the mug before adding ice, vodka & ginger beer. Garnish with fresh mint sprig and a few fresh berries.


Regatta Summer G&T:



2 oz. gin

6 oz. Regatta Dry Citrus Tonic Water

Squeeze of fresh lime


Fill a tall glass with ice and add gin and tonic. Squeeze and drop in the lime wedge.


Summer Variation:

  • Add the juice of ½ a blood orange or grapefruit to the mix for a refreshing & fruity alternative



Regatta Craft Mixers are made with the best natural ingredients. They contain no artificial ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, are non-GMO and are BPA and gluten-free.


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