Ripples and Lufthansa brings “state of the art” technology that takes the coffee experience to new heights


Hardware and Software Solution Creates Personalized Messages and Images onto Foam-Topped Coffee Lufthansa First Global Brand to Offer “New Art of Coffee” in Passenger Lounges

CE Week NY, New York, NY – June 24, 2015: Steam CC, parent of Ripples™, the innovative IoT start-up that is transforming the premium coffee consumption experience with beautiful, artistic “foam prints” (each known as a Ripple) is debuting its concept at CE Week New York today. The Ripple Maker combines hardware and software to deliver a new communications platform that produces high-resolution designs and messages –– that are “Rippled” onto lattes, cappuccinos, or any foam-topped drink.  See it in action here.

Ripples and Lufthansa brings “state of the art” technology that takes the coffee experience to new heightsAt the same time, the company announced that Lufthansa will be the first global brand to adopt the technology and bring this new medium to their customers. The Ripple Makers will be introduced in Lufthansa’s First and Business-Class lounges later this year.

Developed by award-winning industrial designers, the Ripple Maker works by combining patented 3D printer mechanics with Ink-Jet printing technologies using natural coffee extract, called Ripple Pods, to create the Ripples. Any venue that serves coffee – from coffee shops to cafes, restaurants, hotels, food service and events, as well as brands and marketers, will be able to take advantage of the opportunities for engagement, loyalty and emotional connection that Ripples provides.

Because the Ripple Maker is a connected device, the opportunities for creating content are infinite, ranging from inspirational messages and quotes, to messages about upcoming events, to personal birthday and other greetings. Any Ripples user can submit content to the open platform for consideration by the Ripples editors for addition to the platform.

Baristas can choose their Ripples from the extensive catalogue of designs and messages, or have their customers send a photo, personal image or message and send it to their Ripple Maker through the Ripple app. The image is printed on the coffee in less than 10 seconds, using nothing but 100% natural coffee extract.

Priced at $999, the Ripple Maker will be available to commercial establishments that serve coffee, and will be delivered with service plans starting at $75 per month. These flexible plans provide owners with Ripple Pods, operating service and warranties, as well as access to Ripples’ content platform and themes. The Ripples app is free to consumers, with no monthly subscription or in-app charges.

“We are excited to unveil the Ripple Maker and proud to announce Lufthansa as our first global brand,” said Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Steam CC, parent of Ripples. “Our mission is to add meaning, depth and joy to the coffee experience, cup by cup.  And this aligns so beautifully with Lufthansa’s commitment to ‘non-stop you’.”

The Ripple Maker requires no special training, is small and convenient, and adds mere seconds to the coffee delivery process. Its intuitive display makes it simple to browse existing Ripple content which is arranged by themes (greetings, smart quotes, coffee humor, etc.), or to print a message that was sent by the Ripples app.

The Ripples app makes creating and sending a personal image as simple as creating a social media post. The app functionality allows you to choose an existing image from Ripples’ content library, or submit an image from your camera roll which will be transformed into foam art at the venue. You can edit, scale, filter and even add text to the image.

“Latte art is one the most shared images on social media. We’re taking latte art to a whole new level,” added Meshulam. “When you put something beautiful in someone’s hands, they want to share it. That’s how we’re making a ripple on the world.”

Key elements of the Ripple Maker experience include:

  • Wi-Fi enabled device that neatly fits onto counter top with a small 8.5” x 10.5” footprint
  • Creates high quality images or messages on foam topped drinks using pods filled with coffee bean extract
  • As no artificial color is added, Ripple images are produced in “Coffee Scale” – coffee based shades rather than full color
  • Adjusts automatically to a wide range of coffee cups up to 7” high and 4.5” wide, to produce Ripples that fit the diameter of the selected cup
  • Ripples are produced within 10 seconds
  • Ripples’ content library has hundreds of images and messages to choose from; new images constantly uploaded in real-time to the cloud,
  • Coffee lovers can use the app to browse Ripples’ content library or submit their own image, picture, design or message that gets sent to their local Ripple Maker to produce
  • Ripples’ content library is an open platform for any Ripple artist to submit images for consideration
  • Priced at $999, the Ripple Maker will begin shipping September 2015

For further information, or to join the wait list to receive the Ripple Maker, please visit