Brooklyn Cured has won a national charcuterie award for its Pork Salami with Mezcal and Lime, which is a signature recipe in the company’s line of Cocktail-Inspired Salami.


The Good Food Foundation announced its annual Good Food Awards in January given to food and beverage producers that meet their standards of quality and sustainable sourcing. This is Brookyn Cured’s fourth consecutive year winning a Good Food Award for its products.


“Our mission is to create a larger market for pasture-raised meat from farmers that practice regenerative agriculture,” said Brooklyn Cured Founder, Scott Bridi. “It’s an honor to be recognized by the Good Food Foundation because they value sustainable sourcing, fair wages, and culinary excellence, which is what we are all about.”


The flavor profile of the Mezcal Lime Salami compliments the heritage pork used to make it: smoke, lime, coriander, and garlic. “Mezcal is like tequila’s smoky cousin. Its smoke and depth makes for a truly unique and delicious salami,” Bridi said.


Brooklyn Cured’s line of Cocktail-Inspired Salami is shelf-stable and differentiated from classic salami flavors, making the items a great addition to any Specialty set. The flavors include:

  • Pork Salami with Bourbon and Sour Cherries: inspired by a Manhattan cocktail
  • Pork Salami with Belgian Ale and Lemon Zest: inspired by European beer gardens
  • Pork Salami with Rye Whiskey and Orange: inspired by an Old Fashioned cocktail
  • Pork Salami with Mezcal and Lime: inspired by cocktails with the smoky spirit


Brooklyn Cured also offers merchandising tools for the line including branded display crates and product information cards that include photos, descriptions, and recommended pairings for each salami.