“Saddle Up” to Make Rack of Lamb at Home

How to Prepare Lamb with Perfection from the Experts at Gibsons Restaurant Group

“Saddle Up” to Make Rack of Lamb at HomeNothing says Easter like a succulent rack of lamb, but due to the intimidation factor, many home chefs shy away from the challenge. To make this restaurant-worthy meal in your own kitchen, Gibsons Executive Corporate Chef Randy Waidner weighs in on how to prepare the perfect rack of lamb at home.

When it comes to preparing lamb, home cooks have a few options. If weather permits, the cut grills beautifully after being marinated with garlic, lemon, fresh oregano and thyme. It can also be pan-seared, basted with garlic, thyme, and butter, and then roasted in the oven for a perfect finish. When making lamb at home, it’s best complimented by garlic or mint. Ideal sides include lentils or eggplant to compliment the tenderness of the meat, in addition to a full red wine.

Waidner adds that when choosing a cut, the tender piece of meat is taken from a region near the shoulder with the bones attached and frenched, and recommends meat from the shoulder as well as the saddle – a t-bone cut from the loin chop of the lamb.

“In my opinion, lamb is at its prime when it is served medium to medium rare to best preserve optimal flavor and texture,” says Waidner. “Lamb is a delicious alternative to standard dinner dishes like beef or chicken and offers a sophisticated spin on a special occasion.”

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